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First Date Guidelines – 3 Fundamentals We Need To Know
First Date Guidelines – 3 Fundamentals We Need To Know

First Date Guidelines – 3 Fundamentals We Need To Know

Written by the Social Attraction Team

On our dating coach courses we teach that our first date with a girl is a crucial time; if we mess it up we may never see her again, however if we get it right it could just be the start of an amazing relationship.

The simple logistics of a first date can, in fact, have huge implications as to whether the date ends up being fun and interactive, or just another boring and generic rendezvous.

So here are my top three essentials to making a first date memorable.

First Date Guidelines #1: Venue, Venue, Venue!

Our first step is to choose an appropriate venue, so taking care of the fundamentals like making sure we don’t end up at a mundane bar where our feet are sticking to the floor, all the way through to checking the venue isn’t closed on that specific date (I’ve made that mistake on more than one occasion).

When learning how to attract women we should be looking to lead the date in a fun and interactive way.  The places we choose to take her will naturally leave an imprint in her mind’s eye, so let’s make it a positive one.

I’ve discovered that the best first date venues are relaxed, quiet and have some unique character to them which adds to the atmosphere, whilst also creating extra conversational topics.

First Date GuidelinesFirst Date GuidelinesFirst Date Guidelines

First Date Guidelines #2: Mini Dates

On our pick up artist courses we explain that it’s like sharing three experiences together rather than just one. The simple act of standing up and walking to a new venue is also great to increase the energy of the date, especially if it isn’t going too well.

In the past I’ve had some dates which have felt a bit flat initially, but as soon as we went to a different venue the dynamics changed completely.   If we have done our homework, we will know exactly where we are going next which helps us to be decisive and take the lead.

Over time, I have found that having three different types of experiences during one date really increases the bond between the girl and us, so whether it’s playing pool then going ice skating for example – the key is to keep the energy, momentum and experiences flowing.

First Date GuidelinesFirst Date GuidelinesFirst Date Guidelines

First Date Guidelines #3: Body Language Essential

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make on a first date is to take seating arrangement for granted.  I have discovered that the ideal way to sit during a date is at a 90 degree angle to her with our body facing away and our head facing towards her.

On our pua training courses we teach that when we sit in this manner it allows for less pressure on the conversation as we are not sitting opposite each other like a job interview and significantly when the time arises, it allows us to smoothly escalate when the girl is ready to be kissed.

The other benefit of sitting in this manner is that if the conversation runs a little dry we can then open up our body language and start talking about something else in the venue; all in all guaranteeing a more fluid and fun first date experience.

First Date GuidelinesFirst Date GuidelinesFirst Date Guidelines
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