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Three Powerful Fitness Indicators
Three Powerful Fitness Indicators

Three Powerful Fitness Indicators

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog I share footage recorded at our recent 12 week course hosted in Manchester which are all aimed at helping us learn how to talk to girls.

The aim of these videos is to explain what women are fundamentally attracted to on a biological level, which will help us to self develop as well as cultivate better conversational content.

Fitness IndicatorFitness IndicatorFitness Indicator

Fitness Indicator #1: Being Non Judgemental

The main reason why we are judgemental is because we feel deep down that our own reproductive value is not high enough, so we tend to judge others to help ourselves to feel better.

As a direct result, being non-judgemental conveys so many positive attributes to women as we will see in the footage below.

Fitness Indicator – Non Judgemental – Gary Gunn 

Fitness Indicator #2: Our Grooming

An excellent piece of advice from our head coach, who explains why it’s the absence of bad grooming which is attractive to women.

In a nutshell, as Simon explains in the video, there’s a very fine line between good grooming and trying way to hard.  All of this is extremely beneficial when learning how to start a conversation with a girl.

Fitness Indicator – Grooming – Simon Kennedy 

Fitness Indicator #3: Talking Using Props

In my experience being able to talk about any subject matter in a compelling way is highly alluring to women.

In this video I explain how we can use props as a way of showcasing our conversational intelligence.

Conversational Threading Using Props – Social Attraction – Gary Gunn 

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