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Future Projections – Role Plays For Connecting With Women
Future Projections – Role Plays For Connecting With Women

Future Projections – Role Plays For Connecting With Women

Written by the Social Attraction Team

Our imagination is incredibly powerful, when we vividly picture something in our mind it’s almost like it has actually happened.

When we are learning how to get a girl to like you, we can create role play situations with women about things we could do in the future, it gets her to imagine us together which helps build a connection because it’s similar to sharing these experiences in real life.

I have found that it also helps her to feel more relaxed around us and allows us to find out more about each other in a fun way.

Future Projections #1: Set The Scene

When we are learning how to talk to girls, we can create a future projection with women about absolutely anything that two people might do together, but here are my 3 favourites which I have found to work the best;

“If we were to go on holiday together, where would we go?”

 “If you were to make dinner for me, what would you make?”

“If we were to go on a date, what would we do together?”

The key is to start the role play with “if we”, because that way we are making it clear that it’s just a fun hypothetical situation.

Future ProjectionsFuture ProjectionsFuture Projections

Future Projections #2: Add More Detail

Once she has provided the answer, we can then go deeper by asking follow up questions to really paint a picture of the scenario in her head.  If we are feeling brave we can also use this as a vehicle for learning how to kiss a girl.

For example;

“How are we going to travel there?”

“What’s the hotel like that you’ve booked”

“What activities will we be doing while we are there”

From my experience, asking open questions like this helps her to envisage more detail and makes the role play situation feel more real.

Future ProjectionsFuture ProjectionsFuture Projections

Future Projections #3: Flirt With Her

It’s important we add information ourselves too by making assumptions and statements about what might happen and this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to compliment a girl. For example;

“I hope that you’ll be providing nice wine… If it’s Lambrini then I’m not coming!!!”

 “Let me guess, you’ll spend the whole afternoon getting ready, because you’ll want to look nice for me, and then you’ll just phone up for a takeaway”

“I’m not promising a kiss at the end of the night… it depends on how much you impress me during dinner”

As always when flirting with a girl, it’s important to signal to her that we are joking through our non verbal communication like vocal tonality and smiling.

Future ProjectionsFuture ProjectionsFuture Projections
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