Goal Setting | Dreams With Deadlines For The Modern Man (secret tips)

Goal Setting | Dreams With Deadlines For The Modern Man (secret tips)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

We have all heard about setting goals and targets, but how can we break this down into something straightforward that we understand? Many people go through life without setting goals and to the external World they seem to be content. The operative word here is seem which leads to the question: are they truly content with their proverbial lot? Have they achieved all that they want from life? Do they live their lives their way – or in the way of others?

It is fair to say that working hard to make ends meet often gets in the way of really thinking about what we want to achieve. The irony is that simple goal setting is the most powerful medium for turning your ideal future into reality; for planning success from your imagination; for physically creating your vision. So, where do we start in making it simple and uncomplicated?

First of all, the two keywords that should go hand in hand with implementing the goal setting process are these: captivating and inspirational.

Unless the goal that you have laid down makes you leap out of bed in the morning, excites you, motivates you, injects a burst of energy into your daily life – then the wrong goal has been set. Unfortunately, achieving goals that are not inspirational are frequently prevented from happening by the external World – things which are completely out of our control. But we do control our imagination, our aspirations, our drive to want more – make the goals thrilling, gripping, meaningful, stir your emotions – suddenly, the goal becomes an internal part of you that will not be satisfied until it is reached.

Secondly, we need irresistible goals that are obtainable. Sure aim high, but keep one foot on the ground. Ask yourself: Do I have enough time and energy to reach this target? Can I sacrifice and give up other things in my life to access it? If the answer is yes to both, then the goal is eminently attainable. Focussing on a goal that you know you can reach generates a hitherto unknown passion of resources of which you were previously unaware.

These internal resources compel you towards your target, pushing you, pulling you, attracting you closer and closer – like a visionary magnet.

Thirdly, to achieve self-enticing and clearly winnable goals requires another component: a time limit. Setting an end date is vital. Time-lines are essential in checking your progress; and seeing progress is the best motivator of all. There has to be a sense of urgency or time pressure to realise progress – that is just the nature of the beast. No end date means an incrementally slower progress; sometimes to the point of a ‘dead stop’.  Create a time-line for your goal when you first set it down; break it down further if necessary into smaller targets so your success at each milestone can be enjoyed. Read or write out your goal every morning and every evening.

Keep a journal with a daily or monthly countdown; record your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and reactions as you travel along your own unique pathway to success. Count it down – it works.

Finally, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of confusing words have been written on what the theory of goal-setting is and what it is not. Well, to sum up and simultaneously answer the question posed in the first sentence of this article: Goal-setting is nothing more than to choose to have the most perfect recurring dream every night – with a deadline decided every day.

Dreams with deadlines, simple!


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