Hot Tips for Masterful Daygame

Hot Tips for Masterful Daygame

Hot Tips for Masterful Daygame

Hot Tips for Masterful Daygame

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Hot Tips for Masterful Daygame

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

Have you had enough of trying your luck at meeting a prospective partner at nightclubs night after night?

Surely there must be a better way to meet women.

Well, take heart, nightlife is definitely over-rated as a way to meet the love of your life.

According to Psychology Today, 43% of longstanding couples meet with self-introductions.

Women don’t expect to meet a respectable bloke at a nightclub and are naturally guarded in these situations.

So go ahead, take heart and introduce yourself, in the middle of the day, but first, read our tips on how to make your daygame your A-game.

Where to meet women during the daylight hours

Firstly there are many reasons why approaching women during the day time is a much better idea:

  • They are not surrounded by half-drunk men trying to their luck
  • You can do it on your lunch break
  • Opportunities are everywhere if you learn how to look for them

The last and most important reason is – they want you to. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, women are also looking for places to meet gents during the day.

Get rid of the hit and run approach. Frequent places that interest you and you are sure to find a like-minded lady doing the same.

The Apple store is full of women hoping to meet a similarly trendy guy, the gym is where you will find fellow fitness enthusiasts, and the shopping mall is where women go to hang out with their peers. Coffee shops are just filled with people waiting around for someone to chat to. When you go for your morning cuppa take a look.

Other not-so-obvious places are parks or tourist attractions. While Big Ben might not be the place to find a lasting love, you can get lots of practice talking to women at these places. Plus, you will be doing them a favour by sharing your knowledge of your hometown!


Planning Your Approach

Firstly, take a deep breath and be brave. If you have followed our tips on first impressions, there is no reason why any woman should not engage in some friendly banter with you. No reason to do with you anyway.

Switch to a daygame mentality. Be spontaneous and answer opportunity when it knocks, whenever you see an attractive woman, go up to her. The more you practice the more your confidence will soar.

Don’t worry about what others think, they are far too wrapped up in their own workday problems to notice what you do.

Have fun with it, a playful vibe and light-hearted approach are far more attractive to women than being uptight. Be friendly and enjoy getting to meet new people.

Don’t give up too easily. Take rejection as a learning curve. If all else fails you would have crossed the sound barrier – it’s learning to talk to women that you are after, after all.

Here’s a hint, always have somewhere to go to soon, it gives you an escape route if you start to panic and it makes you look important.


Best Daygame Opening Lines

Here’s where you need to be sharp. You don’t have the benefit of alcohol to give you courage or background noise to disguise any faux pas.

Men’s Health asked a sample of women in committed relationships what was the opening line that did it for them. This will give you an idea of what women find acceptable.

Questions are always a good way to break the ice indirectly. Women love to be helpful, and they love to talk, so asking for directions or their opinion on something innocuous is a good line.

At the coffee shop, you could ask them if they usually wait long for their order. This is just a classy version of the cheesy old ‘do you come here often?’ line but a great conversation starter.

Another way is to take the direct approach and compliment them on their style. Remarking on their good taste is a non-threatening way to pay a compliment and doesn’t come across as a pick-up line.

Be bold, after this initial exchange, try to steer the conversation around to something interesting. If you can manage to squeeze some appealing snippets about yourself into this, all the better.

Maintain eye contact and keep your voice low, you want to appear calm and confident no matter how nervous you are. We’ve all heard the old saying ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ – it works.

Ask her questions to involve her in the conversation and show interest in her thoughts.

The next step

Try to get her number if you would like to see her again. Just ask her for it. If she rejects you, move on. You will lose nothing by asking – if you don’t ask you will never know!

One way to ensure further contact is to arrange a date there and then. For example, you could suggest meeting up for drinks or coffee later to continue the discussion.

Sometimes suggesting a date immediately is a great way to avoid worrying about getting cold feet later. Try this, ‘Hey, I have a few minutes to spare, can I get you a coffee?’.

When it’s time to leave, shake her hand and leave. Do not hang about. Do not do a double somersault when you think you are out of sight. Just leave, like the bold, fearless and busy man of the world you are.


Staying on Top of Your Daygame

Just like with any other ‘game’, the more you practice the better you get.

Try honing your conversational skills with women that you aren’t attracted to. Your workplace may be a good source of unavailable women to strike up a conversation with.

Set yourself a target – for example, make it your goal to approach three attractive women every week. That way you don’t place as much pressure on yourself to succeed and its great practice.

Before long you will become an old hand at it, and you may even make some friends along the way.

And if you need help learning how to talk to women easily and fearlessly, you can always attend our live training classes!

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