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How To Approach Women In Bucharest
How To Approach Women In Bucharest

How To Approach Women In Bucharest

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog you will see our client approach a girl using daygame principles in the street, go on an instant date, before exchanging phone numbers and organising to see each other again.

It shows an incredible amount of confidence to approach women during the day in the UK let alone abroad.

So for anyone going overseas, here is some real life proof that meeting foreign women could and should be a pleasurable experience.

Daygame Bucharest

How To Approach Women In Bucharest #1: The Approach

The approach demonstrated in this video is a direct and confident way to engage women during the day.

He halted the girl by paying her a specific compliment before then moving the conversation onto other interesting topics.

The body language displayed in the part of the interaction is known as “The Big Dog Pose”, which is a confident way to hold ourselves when talking to women, and is something which is taught on our pick up artist coaching courses.

How To Approach Women In Bucharest #2: The Instant Date

A suggestion of a quick walk and now they both leave together and go on an instant date.

Using the fact that neither of them know the city well, he guides the interaction and demonstrates leadership by going to explore the city together.

Keeping the interaction moving also serves to keep the energy levels up during the date.

Tinder Opening LinesTinder Opening LinesTinder Opening Lines

How To Approach Women In Bucharest #3: The Exchange Of Information

Having a photo taken together then offers a fantastic way to take the girl’s number so that he can then send her the photo, and is also solid pua text game.

By having a laugh with the girl because she doesn’t know her number serves to make the exchanging of numbers a fun part of their engagement.

We finish off the interaction as always with a power pose and a debrief of what he did right and what he can add in his next interaction.

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