How To Attract Women Instantly | A Step-By-Step Guide (Top 3 Ways)

How To Attract Women Instantly | A Step-By-Step Guide (Top 3 Ways)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

How to attract women instantly. To be able to do that, we have to give women an instinctive response that we are an attractive guy.

The same way that we have an instinctive response when we see a girl or a woman who we find physically attractive.

We’re talking about the first two to three seconds of when a girl first sees you. Now, there are three ways in which we can impact this.

The first one is by what we’re wearing. The second one is with our body language, and the final one is with our eye contact.

Generally speaking, when you’re looking at what clothes to wear, there are two archetypes of style that are super attractive to women.

How to attract women instantly #1 – Your style

The first one is the bad boy style, and to dress like that you generally have to wear all black clothes.

Black leather jacket, and what this does is it gives off a bad boy vibe. If you’ve got a thick beard, it also adds to that look.

The other attractive archetype or look is that of someone who is successful. This means wearing a stylish suit, a pocket square, nice stylish shoes and belt.

A well put together outfit that shows off that you are successful. And that is also an extremely attractive archetype for women.

How to attract women instantly #2  – Your body language

There are a few different ways that I can describe the first one.

When you are sat down, make sure you take up as much physical space as possible. That’s going to allow you to convey confidence because you’re taking up a big location.

The other one is when you’re standing. Make sure that your shoulders are back and that your chin is slightly lifted up.

The reason for this is because if your chin is facing slightly downwards. It’s actually the body language signal of shame. Which shows that you’ve got something to hide and you’re a bit shifty, and you’re not really confident.

If your chin is up slightly, it’s the body language pose of someone who is confident. Who has pride. So standing there with your chin slightly up is going to give off really good attractive signals to women when they first place their eyes on you.

How to attract women instantly #3 – Your eye contact

Now, with your eye contact, there is a pose which is known as alpha male eye contact.

All you have to do to be able to do this is focus your attention on the girl’s eyes.

You want to hold deep eye contact with her. You want to squint your eyes ever so slightly so you make your eyes a little bit smaller.

What this does it allows you to come across as confident. Do not break eye contact first.

So when you first get eye contact with women, if you hold deep eye contact with her and you squint slightly. That gives off signs of alpha male eye contact, which extremely attractive to women.

And if you don’t break eye contact first, that’s a sign that you’re very, very confident, and within the first two to three seconds, if you get the eye contact correct.

What you’ll find is that women will look down, or left or right, which is a good indicator that they are instantly attracted to you.

As per the image below we can train you in how to read a woman’s go-ahead signals. 

To find out more about our training then you can visit the following link – Skype dating confidence courses for men.

A model with three ways to read her go-ahead signals


So just to round up this article on how to attract women instantly.

  • I spoke about the two archetypes of dress, which is one, the bad boy look, basically wearing black. The other way is when you are dressed smart and dressed successfully.
  • Then I spoke about body language, as in standing up straight and when you’re sat down, take up loads of space.
  • Finally, I mentioned eye contact with women. Make sure you don’t break eye contact first.You squint your eyes slightly to give off really good signs of alpha male eye contact.

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