How To Attract Women Instantly | A Step-By-Step Guide (Top 3 Ways)

How To Attract Women Instantly | A Step-By-Step Guide (Top 3 Ways)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, I will outline how to attract women instantly. That is to say how to make an instant impression on a woman by giving her an instinctive response that you are an attractive guy.

The same way that we have an instinctive response when we see a girl or a woman who we find physically attractive.

Here I am referring to the first two to three seconds of when she first sees you.

Above all, there are three ways in which you can impact this instant impression:

  • The first way is by what you are wearing
  • The second way is with your body language
  • The final way is with your eye contact

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How to attract women with your style of dress?

As a general rule when you are looking at what clothes to wear, there are two archetypes of style that are super attractive to women:

  • The first attractive archetype is the bad boy style

To dress in this style you will routinely wear dark clothes, like a black leather jacket and dark jeans. In effect, what this does is give off a bad boy vibe.

In addition, having a thick beard adds to this look.

  • The other attractive archetype is that of someone who is successful

This means wearing a stylish suit, a pocket square, nice stylish shoes and a belt for instance.

Above all, a well put together outfit conveys you are successful in life.

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Gary Gunn hosting the art of seduction course in London

Learn to instantly attract women with your body language?

It is commonly accepted that body language makes up a significant proportion of our communications with others.

There are a few different ways that you can instantly alter your body language to appear more confident and attractive:

  • Take up more space

When you sit down take up more physical space with open body language. This means uncrossed arms, shoulders back and sitting up with a relaxed demeanour.

This all conveys confidence.

In contrast, an unconfident man may shrink to take up less space, have closed body language and fidget as he is uncomfortable.

  • Stand with your shoulders back and chin up

When you stand square your shoulders back and lift your chin up slightly. This is a positive body language pose of an attractive confident man.

In contrast, if your chin is facing slightly downwards this is actually the body language signal of shame:

  • It can make you appear shifty
  • It infers that you have something to hide
  • You will appear timid and unconfident

To clarify if your chin is up slightly, it is the body language pose of someone who is confident and who has self-respect.

As a result, you will be displaying attractive signals to women when they first see you.

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A model with three ways to read her go-ahead signals

How to use seductive eye contact to attract women?

Eye contact is another huge means of communication. Indeed, with your eye contact, there is a pose which is known as alpha male eye contact.

Most importantly, this is a powerful way of eliciting an instant reaction from women.

Alpha male eye contact

Below are the simple steps to employ alpha-male eye contact:

  • Focus your attention on the girl’s eyes
  • Squint your eyes slightly to make your gaze more intent
  • Do not break eye contact first

In holding straightforward and deep eye contact with her you will come across as confident and self-assured.

In a similar vein, in not breaking eye contact first you are displaying assertive body language.

Above all, within the first two to three seconds, if you get the eye contact correct what you will find is that women will look down, or to the left or right.

This is a good indicator that they are instantly attracted to you.

My infographic below offers more on how to hold seductive eye contact. You can also read my eye contact attraction article where I go into more detail on how to perfect this.

Simple guide to seducing her with your eye contact in 3 steps


  • The two attractive style archetypes. The first is the bad boy look. The second is of someone who is successful.
  • Confident body language. Stand up straight with shoulders back and chin up. When you sit down take up more space.
  • Alpha male eye contact. Hold eye contact and squint your eyes slightly. In addition, make sure you do not break eye contact first.

Written by Gary Gunn

Gary Gunn is the bestselling author of An Education In (Online) Dating.

He has hosted over 1000 dating confidence courses in the UK and Europe, as well as over 1,500 courses conducted online.

Moreover, he is the head coach at Social Attraction and leads the team, training and courses.
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