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How To be Successful On Tinder – Exchanging Numbers
How To be Successful On Tinder – Exchanging Numbers

How To be Successful On Tinder – Exchanging Numbers

Written by the Social Attraction Team

Once we have got an initial response from a girl on Tinder, I have found that it’s prudent to get her phone number and message her on another platform like WhatsApp.  We can then use our pua text game strategy to set up a future date.

The main reason for doing this is that we separate ourselves from all the other potential guys who are messaging her on Tinder and it implicitly raises the status of our relationship as a result.

There are a few key principles to follow which I have outlined below and demonstrated with some real-life screenshots.

How To be Successful On Tinder #1: Do It Quickly

A lot of guys think that we can only go for her number once we have a good connection and rapport which could take days or even weeks.

From my experience we can go for her number much sooner than this and in most cases it can be done within half a dozen messages.

When we are learning how to talk to girls on Tinder, not only does this save a lot of time and effort, it also shows if she is really interested or just using Tinder for a bit of fun.

Tinder 1

How To be Successful On Tinder #2: Keep It Simple

Why mess about by trying to come up with a complicated way of getting her number?

Asking for her number clearly and directly shows a lot about our confidence and who we are as a man.

We are letting her know that we go for what we want in life and we’re not worried about the outcome.

Tinder 2

How To be Successful On Tinder #3: The Power Of Because

From my experience, people are much more likely to say yes to something if we give them a reason and use the word BECAUSE.

This is backed up by many physiological studies and is documented in the best-selling book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ by Dr Robert Cialdini.

The reason doesn’t have to be a spectacular reason either, as demonstrated in the screenshot examples.  The same persuasion techniques can be used when we are learning how to kiss a girl for the first time.

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