How To Flirt With Women | Via Their Emotional Response System

How To Flirt With Women | Via Their Emotional Response System

How To Flirt With Women | Via Their Emotional Response System

How To Flirt With Women | Via Their Emotional Response System

How To Flirt With Women | Via Their Emotional Response System

Written by Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

How to flirt with women via their emotional response system. So in this episode, I’m going to give you three cast-iron ways of learning how to flirt with women, and also I’m going to include some detailed examples so that you’ll be able to implement them straight away.

Now the first way is by being mysterious with women. And you may have heard this before, but how do you actually become mysterious to women in a way that allows you to flirt with them? Because it can be very easy to try and be vague and to try and to answer women’s questions.

However, it can also go wrong very easily. So here’s what you need to do. If you imagine that you have 10 gold coins and every time you answer a woman’s question, you give away one of your gold coins. And those gold coins are your level of attraction. So all the time you have 10 you are this super attractive guy. Every time you answer her question, you lose one of your coins.

The reason why this is an effective flirting strategy is that if you imagine the difference between being a leader and a follower

You will notice that if you answer women’s questions directly, you are following her lead, which would make you a follower. Every time you do not answer her questions, you are not being a follower and therefore you are leading the interaction. The more that you can become a leader in your interactions, the more attractive you will be with women.

How To Flirt With Women Using Reflections | Gary Gunn | Full Length HD

A few years ago, two clients came to my course. They were really good friends and I taught them this strategy of not answering women’s questions and they asked me the question, which I get asked all the time, but when do you go too far? At which point do you answer that question?

And I always replied the same thing. “Go out and try the principle. Do not believe that it won’t work or you’re not sure how to implement it. You need to get the referential experiences of doing it yourself to know where that barrier is.” So these two guys, they went out together that evening and on the course of following day they came and they were laughing and laughing and what they said is that this is the best thing they’ve ever learned in their life.

The reason is that when you are learning how to flirt with women and you go to a bar in evening scenario, not answering women’s questions is really fun.

Especially when women ask you what your name is, you can make them guess or where you’re from and what you do for a living. Not answering their question is instantaneously flirting and it’s so easy to implement. You just don’t give away your coins.

So I said to them, how many coins did you give away? And one of them said, “I gave away two”. And the other one said, “I didn’t give away any”. And I said, “How did you find the process?” And he said:

“Well, it’s really interesting because you think that eventually, the girl would become disinterested and not talk to you anymore, but it’s not the case. The more and more I didn’t answer their questions, the more interested they became. It’s super interesting. I ended up sitting down and being completely relaxed and these girls were just plying me with more and more questions and it was fascinating. That’s the first time in my whole entire life where I felt in control of a dating interaction. I felt the power women must have felt when I used to talk to them. I felt like I was the person with the value and I felt like the person that was in control.”

All you have to do to learn how to flirt with women is implement this flirting strategy and imagine that you have 10 gold coins and you are not allowed to give them away

Now the second way that you can learn how to flirt with women is with alpha male eye contact. Now, what do I mean by alpha male eye contact? There are a few things that you need to understand to be able to implement this type of eye contact. Now, the first one is understanding that as you listen to this episode, if you face your head down, that is the body language of shame.

If you face your chin up, that is the body language of success and of confidence. So the first strategy you need to be able to implement is with your body language and you need to lift your chin slightly up and put your shoulders slightly back. What that does, it gives off a confident air of demeanour with your body language.

Now onto your eye contact. There are many different ways that you can hold eye contact with women, but when we’re talking about flirting with women, as soon as you meet them, I’m going to talk about when you first get eye contact with women and you want to flirt with them. The most effective way of doing this is to maintain prolonged eye contact with them and do not break eye contact first.

That is the first step in learning how to flirt with women with your eye contact.

You can practise as you walk down the street each day, holding eye contact with people and eventually you’ll have more confidence to hold and maintain eye contact with women. If you can hold prolonged eye contact so you first catch a woman’s gaze and you hold her eye contact until she looks away first. That is a very attractive and very flirty eye contact.

Now, the way in which you can make that even better is with alpha male eye contact. To be able to do that, all you have to do is narrow your eyes slightly. It’s ever such a different shift in your gaze, but as you listen to this, just close your eyes ever so slightly. Almost like you’re squinting.

When you first hold eye contact with women, if you can pull the alpha eye contact, what you’ll tend to notice is that women will look away quicker because you’re conveying severely strong signs of confidence and what will happen when women look away is typically within five to 10 seconds they will look back up at you again, which is another key indicator that you are flirting effectively with women.

Very powerful body language and eye contact movement to flirt with women.

Now the final way that you can flirt with women is by misinterpreting what they say. Now, most of us, most of the time when we’re talking to women, especially women that we find attractive, what we tend to do is to really listen to what they’re saying and try and engage them in conversation.

Now, something that you can do that is really fun is just to misinterpret what they’re saying. And an example of that, for example, I was in Budapest with one of my clients earlier on this year and we were talking to some girls that he liked and one of them said, “Oh yeah, I’ve got some cigars like that at my house.” And my client replied, “Thanks for the invite, but I’ve only just met you.”

As a really good example of misinterpreting what someone’s saying in a way that shows off that she’s hitting on you or that she’s trying to be flirty with you. These are really funny and if you are going to try and misinterpret what women say to be funny.

The easiest way of learning how to flirt with women in conversation is to misinterpret it like they’re hitting on you and that is a super successful way of flirting.

Something else that you can do just within the realms of misinterpreting, which is linked but not exactly the same. Say you’ve met a girl on a night out and her name is Stacy and she is from Kent. What you can do when you introduce her to one of your friends is you can say, “This is Tracy and she’s from Essex.”

You deliberately get her name wrong and where she’s from wrong on purpose as a way of being flirty. And what will happen when you get it right they’ll be an injection of laughter, the girl may give you a little hit on the shoulder because she’s been fun and playful.

You are deliberately getting her information wrong because it is funny.

The key thing about learning how to flirt with women is that not to take yourself so seriously, to be relaxed, to be playful, to be fun because the more playful you are, the more signals that you’re giving women that you are emotionally well.

It is very difficult when you are going through traumatic times in your life to be fun and relaxed. We’ve all had times in our life where we feel stressed and try and be fun, relaxed and playful when you’re stressed. You can’t. It’s literally impossible. So what you’re doing by using humour, by being flirty with women, you’re showcasing that you are in a good place in your life because you’re relaxed enough to have fun.

So as you listen to this, if you want to get better flirting with women, all you have to do is to implement one of the following three strategies, which I will recount now again to conclude the episode. The first way is to imagine that you have 10 gold coins and every time you give a gold coin away by answering a woman’s question, you lose a level of attraction.

Quite simply, if you do not answer women’s questions directly, you will be flirting as soon as you meet them. The second way you can do it is with alpha male eye-contact. Step one is learning how to maintain eye contact with women so that they break it first. Step two is to squint slightly and hold eye contact as a really strong and confident eye-contact hold with women. And the third one is by deliberately misinterpreting what they’re saying as a way of showing that they are indeed hitting on you. Now, these three techniques I teach on my live training courses, they are the best of the best. Go out and enjoy them and have some fun flirting with women.

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