How To Get A Date – Instantly

How To Get A Date – Instantly

How To Get A Date – Instantly

How To Get A Date – Instantly

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How To Get A Date – Instantly

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Sometimes when we are learning how to start a conversation with a girl in the daytime, it can be a fleeting interaction which only lasts a few minutes and doesn’t really give us much time to get to know each other.

We could exchange numbers with her and hope that we might be able to arrange a date with her at some point in the future or we could go on a date with her right there and then.

Taking her for an instant date gives us the opportunity to build more of a connection with her, share more experiences and make it more likely that she’ll want to see us again.

How to get a date #1: Walk

We teach on our approach anxiety courses that the simple act of walking together adds a new experience to our fledgling relationship and changes the dimension of the interaction in a heartbeat.

Not only that, but in my experience walking together helps inject the interaction with more energy and we will be presented with loads of conversational topics as we walk along, should we run out of things to say.

We can initiate this very easily by saying something like “I’m walking this way, you can join me for a minute” and moving our feet with the belief that she will join us.

How To Get A DateHow To Get A DateHow To Get A Date

How to get a date #2: Coffee

When we meet a woman we like in the centre of town there are always tons of coffee shops nearby, which we can use as part of our pua text game strategy.

Going for a coffee is a great informal way of spending a bit more time together which also helps us demonstrate our assertiveness by taking the lead.

To take the pressure out of the situation and make it feel like no big deal, we can say that we are our way for a coffee anyway and suggest that she joins us for a few minutes.

How To Get A DateHow To Get A DateHow To Get A Date

How to get a date #3: Cocktails

If we are feeling a little more daring and if it’s a bit later in the day, there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t go to a bar for a stronger drink together.

I have found that we can help ourselves in this scenario by giving her a reason why it’s a good idea. For example, maybe its because we are interested in what she’s talking about and want to find out more or maybe it’s because we want to show her a really cool bar that’s just around the corner.

The key to remember when initiating any kind of instant date with a girl we have just met is to do it with confidence and belief that she will say yes and then we are able to learn how to kiss a girl using the very same method.

How To Get A DateHow To Get A DateHow To Get A Date

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