How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

Written by Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

How to get a girl to kiss you. This is a really big sticking point for a lot of guys. Not necessarily with allowing a girl to kiss you first, but if you think about it, when you first meet a woman that you like, there are multiple times during that interaction where you may be rejected.

So you have the initial first words where you might get rejected, and a lot of guys struggle at this point. You then have the phase where you are exchanging details and organising to see each other again, that again can be a sticking point and is often an area where a lot of guys seek advice online.

Another main one is the very first kiss with a girl that you like. Now personally, I think it’s a great idea if you can set up the type of environment in your life where the girl that you like, and the girl that you’d like to date and get together with, is the one that makes the move to kiss you.

For you to be able to do that, you have to think about it from a girl’s perspective, but also from your own perspective.

So really, when you are going to kiss a girl, that is a chance where you may be rejected. What if you knew 100% for certain, that you weren’t going to be rejected, because the girl that you’re with would like to take your relationship to the next phase.

That would give you a lot more confidence and competence in actually taking the next steps. And it works the same way when you’re looking at allowing a girl to take the first steps to kiss you. So you’d like to give her some go-ahead signals that it’s absolutely fine.

There are a few ways in which you can do that. First of all, you can set up the right environment. So you end up in a situation where it’s a dimly lit room with nice lighting, nice warm environment where you’re both feeling relaxed, you should be sat near each other so that a kiss is very easy for it to occur.

And then there are a few different ways of actually taking the steps to make that kiss happen.

The first one is when you just stop speaking and you just hold deep and prolonged eye contact, and you move slightly closer, about 80% of the way towards the girl, and then you are waiting for her to make the final 20% towards you.

So you are making it clear that you’d like to progress the relationship, you move closer to her, holding eye contact and you’re giving her a very strong go-ahead signal that she won’t be rejected if she goes ahead and kisses you. That is a really great way of allowing a girl the confidence to kiss you.

Following on from that, I also understand that that may a bit difficult for people, especially if you’re very anxious around this girl because you find her ultra attractive. There’s also a fun game that you can play. And I teach this on my training courses.

I’m just going to give you the bare bones of the game so that you can practise it in that scenario, and just make it very easy to progress a relationship with people together.

That moment where you first kiss someone that you’d like is a really big moment as far as the relationship goes, and you don’t really want to make a mistake at that phase. So here’s another way in which you can allow a girl to kiss you in a really comfortable and warm way so that she enjoys the process rather than feeling like you’re leaning in and trying too hard, and just messing things up.

It’s just a fun game based on asking each other questions. So there are just three rules. You say rule number one is we take it in turns to ask each other a question. Rule number two is the, you have to be honest with your answer. And rule number three is that you can’t ask the same question back.

What you can do is you can just mix up the game with questions like, “what’s your favourite book?”, “what’s your favourite childhood experience?” And the more you get to know each other, you can progress the game, and you can ask questions such as “Out of 10 how much would you like me to kiss you right now?”

I mean, when you ask that question, it’s when the game’s progressed and you can feel that there’s a connection with the girl that you like.

But it’s a nice game that you can play to get to know each other and build up to that moment that allows a girl to kiss you first. When you’re playing that game, there are loads of things that you can do with it. You can mix around with different types of questions.

You can also make it a philosophical game because you can say let’s ask each other questions, but you can only answer it with a one-word answer. And all of these different ways are just fun ways of getting to know each other because dating should be fun.

When you’re spending time with a girl that you like, it should be fun.

It should be interesting. It should be exciting. It should be warm. You should be building a connection, feeling empathy, getting to know each other in a really nice way.

And if you do that, you’re setting up the environment where a girl will want to kiss you first.

So let’s just round up this episode. I’m speaking about how to allow a girl to kiss you first. First of all, I spoke about the environment, where you want to set up a nice warm situation when it can occur naturally.

I then spoke about how you could lean in whilst holding eye contact 80% of the way, and allow the girl to take the final 20%. that’s a really good go-ahead signal. And the final one is I just taught you a few different games that you can play, that will allow a girl to feel comfortable enough with taking the first steps towards kissing you.


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