How To Hire A Dating Coach For Men Written By Gary Gunn

It’s often the case when we hire a coach to help us in a specific area of our life that we want to ensure that we are going to get the correct guidance and support. Many of us will try to micromanage this process and tell the coach exactly what we need from their tuition.

Over the years I’ve come to recognise that when we are stuck it’s because we don’t have the answer ourselves, which is why we are looking for professional support. One illuminating piece of advice I can offer is to fully outsource this aspect of our life to the coach we are hiring.

How to hire a dating coach for men

When we are attending a live training event many of us feel frustrated that the dating coach is not getting to the point and showing us exactly what we want to know immediately. In my experience professional coaches conduct their training in this manner, because they know it provides tried and tested results.

How To Hire A Dating Coach For Men #1: Let Go Of The Outcome

When we hire a dating coach it’s best to forget out the outcome of the course, if we are able to do this, then we instantly become more relaxed which allows to absorb more of the coaching material.

When we are too focused on one outcome we tend to miss vital and subtle parts of the tuition which are normally the most life changing aspects. It’s interesting when I see this type of behaviour, an inability to go with the flow, as it illuminates a core reason as to why we are not getting the results we want with women.

How to hire a dating coach for men

This is why our self development is so important in all areas of our lives, because we find that our issues, anxieties and worries tend to flow across our whole personality.

How To Hire A Dating Coach For Men #2: Try Every Suggestion

The real way to get value for money when we hire a dating coach is to try everything that they suggest when we are spending time together. This way we can try new ideas and concepts in a supportive environment and get real life feedback without taking it personally.

How to hire a dating coach for men

Openness and a willingness to try new things are highly attractive and alluring to women, so if we can start in the right way with the right guidance, we are already becoming more attractive because we are willing to take that first step to becoming the leader of our life.

How To Hire A Dating Coach For Men #3: After Course Support

We have a secret Facebook community for all of our clients who attend our live training events. We decided to create this group so that we are able to meet likeminded people and practice meeting women after our course. It also serves as a great platform to ask any questions about meeting and attracting women at any time in our future.

When we are deciding how to hire a dating coach for men, the first step is to see the structure and advice from the course, then the next step is to practice learning and developing in the right environment with the right people.

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