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How To Kiss A Girl – 3 Powerful Ways We Can Use Today
How To Kiss A Girl – 3 Powerful Ways We Can Use Today

How To Kiss A Girl – 3 Powerful Ways We Can Use Today

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this article I explain three different ways that we can use to kiss a girl for the very first time. These approaches can be used in a wide set of scenarios from being able to kiss a woman on an intimate first date, through to learning how to kiss a girl in bars and clubs.

Knowing when and how to go about kissing women often raises a lot of questions on our pick up artist training courses.  Over time I’ve come to recognise that knowing a few specific strategies allows us to be completely confident in leading a girl towards our very first kiss.

So in the following videos Gary gives us not just one, but three incredible approaches that we can use to kiss women which are smooth and effortless.

How to kiss a girlHow to kiss a girlHow to kiss a girl

How To Kiss A Girl #1: Intimate Eye Contact

We explain on our daygame coaching courses that many of us are too concerned with what to say next to women that we aren’t relaxed enough in conversation.  So much so that when we finally make a move for our first kiss it normally ends up being rigid and can sometimes completely put women off dating us in the future.

One solid way to learn how to kiss a girl is to reduce the energy between us to the point where a first kiss can occur naturally. In the first video of the series, Gary unveils a secret technique used by actors and actresses which enables us to naturally slow down our speech and hold deep eye contact.

How To Kiss A Girl – Using Intimate Eye Contact

As we can see in the footage above, by using this technique we are able to create the right conditions for that magical first kiss so it ‘just happens’. When we use this specific principle it also highlights the fact that we are confident in knowing exactly how to kiss a girl with confidence.

How To Kiss A Girl #2: Powerful Body Language

When we first meet women we tend to be standing right in front of each other which makes going for the first kiss fairly awkward.  If we try and kiss a girl from this angle we’ll tend to lean in which automatically makes women pull away from our approach.

This is where having a few specific body language movements in mind can dramatically improve our chances of escalating with women.  In the following video Gary highlights a three step process that we teach on our dating coach courses which allows us to simply move from our current position into a much more intimate stance.

How To Kiss A Girl – Using Powerful Body Language

As we can see in the video above this process also allows us to test how attracted a woman is towards us every step of the way.  If a girl moves closer to us during this process then we can be confident in the fact that she’ll be receptive to our following advances.

How to kiss a girlHow to kiss a girlHow to kiss a girl

How To Kiss A Girl #3: Without Speaking

On our pua training courses we explain that we can actually kiss women a lot sooner than we realise.  Many of us tend to put false boundaries in our minds which prevent us from escalating with women and kissing them moments after our first contact.

As we can see in the following video Gary illuminates one specific strategy that we can use to kiss women in bars and nightclubs.  What’s amazing about this demonstration is that we can use this technique before we have even spoken our first words to a girl.

How To Kiss A Girl – Without Speaking

When we are learning how to attract women it’s important to remember that there is a fine balance between knowing information and gaining real life wisdom.  Over the years the clients of ours who have gained the best results are the clients who are willing to go out in the real world and test this principles with real life women.

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