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How To Meet Women At Work
How To Meet Women At Work

How To Meet Women At Work

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog I share some great examples of how we can all meet women at work in a fun and nonthreatening way.  All of the following methods are ways that we can learn how to get a girl to like you in a subtle way.

In the next two videos I offer some insights into how we can also arrange a date, in such a way that women feel compelled to join us.

How To Meet Women At WorkHow To Meet Women At WorkHow To Meet Women At Work

How To Meet Women At Work #1: A Fund Raiser

Simply put, by organsing a charitable event we are then able to promote it to all of our work colleagues.  This instantly also gives us a great way of learning how to talk to girls at work because we have a great reason to start a conversation with them.

This then enables us to talk to all of the women at work, whilst also conveying some great attributes to our personality.

How To Meet Women At Work – Gary Gunn – London 

How To Meet Women At Work #2: An Emotional Connection

In my experience many of us are so happy to take a girl’s number, that we forget that we need to connect with women so that the wish to meet us again.

In this video I share a great way to help women to become emotive and want to join us at a future event.

How To Ask A Girl Out – Gary Gunn – London 

How To Meet Women At Work #3: Experiences Shared

What I have discovered is that even when women are attracted to us, sometimes they don’t feel comfortable enough to meet us in a new environment.  The following video illuminates a solid principle when we are learning how to compliment a girl.

In this final piece to camera I explain two fundamental ways that we can help women to feel more comfortable in our presence.

How To Stop Women From Flaking On A Date – Gary Gunn – London 

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