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How To Meet Women In Budapest
How To Meet Women In Budapest

How To Meet Women In Budapest

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog I share three separate tips which I recorded in Budapest as part of our Summer Tour that will help us to learn how to compliment a girl during the day.

The aim of this footage is to offer some tried and tested principles to increase our confidence when meeting women during the day.

how to meet women in budapesthow to meet women in budapesthow to meet women in budapest

How To Meet Women In Budapest #1: Going For Her Number

When I first started hosting training weekends I was always amazed at the amount of times we don’t exchange phone numbers with women.

Over time, I have come to recognise that a simple strategy as explained in this video clip, helps all of us to make sure we are confident in asking for her number.

Daygame Tips – Number – Gary Gunn 

How To Meet Women In Budapest #2: The Best Locations

When we are meeting women during the day it is always helpful to know good locations to take girls on an instant date.

In this video I highlight the types of venues which work extremely well so that we are self-assured enough to invite her along.

Daygame Tips – Location – Social Attraction 

How To Meet Women In Budapest #3: Goal Setting

I’ve found that when we are learning how to start a conversation with a girl during the day it can often be difficult to remain completely focused on what we are doing.

Taking the time before we start to clarify our goals, as explained in this video, helps us to maintain our focus and hone our energy before we start.

Daygame Tips – Goals – Social Attraction 

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