How To Seduce Women | The Ultimate Guide (with illustrations)

How To Seduce Women | The Ultimate Guide (with illustrations)

How To Seduce Women | The Ultimate Guide (with illustrations)

How To Seduce Women | The Ultimate Guide (with illustrations)

How To Seduce Women | The Ultimate Guide (with illustrations)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, you will learn how to seduce women, including a full-length video from my live training event in London as well as step-by-step video tutorials. So let’s begin. the term seduction can actually be defined as a tempting or attractive offering, and for the framework of this episode, it’s important to recognise that we all love to be seduced.

Some of us are seduced by music, others by artwork, and it can even be the resonance of someone’s voice. We all recognise the moment where we succumb to seduction because we surrender ourselves at that moment and it’s important to recognise when we ourselves submit in our lives because that will help us to understand the true art of seduction.

A centred life around creating value where we learn how to seduce women to become expert seducersInterestingly enough, the best seducers in the world aren’t where you might expect them to be. They’re not in bars or nightclubs looking for women to seduce.

The best enticers in history are the names that we know and love because they’ve cultivated a seductive lifestyle. These are people such as Picasso and his artwork and Gucci with his handbags.

Expert seducers

Now in this episode, I’m going to focus on the five archetypes that seduce women. The first is a security provider. The second is the mood enhancer, the third, the problem solver, the fourth, the empathy builder, and the final one, the comfort leveller.

Now, each of these is highly attractive to women because they allow them to feel safe and secure and protected in their presence. I would like to draw a definition before I continue between a seductive moment and seducing women.

How to seduce women – Give them seductive moments

When learning how to seduce women, a seductive moment is a gift which reduces tension in a woman’s mind. It is a powerful experience which they feel on an instinctive level.

How to seduce women - the seductive moment

Seduction can be labelled or is labelled as a series of seductive moments, and as I go through this episode, you’ll begin to understand which of these archetypes is most similar to you and how you can be a man who is more attractive and more seductive to women.

How to seduce women #1 – the security provider

Now, this is typically when we come across women who are very dominant when we first meet them and they ask us to buy them a drink, they tell us where to sit. They give us advice, they give us loads of questions and they expect detailed answers from us.

How to seduce women - the security provider

You see in this scenario what’s really happening is that women have developed this way of communicating as a way of finding out who you really are, how you handle their questions and how you handle the way that they’re interacting with you. This scenario is great for a man who can allow the woman to feel safe and secure in his presence.

The way in which he can learn how to seduce women in this scenario is by not answering her questions directly, maintaining strong eye contact and taking a masculine frame with his body.

You see in this scenario we’re allowing women the gift to feel safe and secure and relaxed and the way in which we can do that is by being someone who isn’t so easily influenced by the outside world. And when we act like that, we’re showcasing that we have this under control and that they can relax in our presence. That is a very powerful seductive moment that you can offer women in that scenario.

How to seduce women #2 – the mood enhancer.

Now, this is in a situation where a girl actually likes you, she’s invested in you and she’s interested in only you. You see at this moment the girl is already feeling safe and secure with us and she’s relaxed and she is giving you go-ahead signals that there’s trust and she’s ready to progress the relationship with you to that next phase.

How to seduce women - the mood enhancer

So at this moment, what you’re looking at doing is enhancing the mood. And the way in which you can do that is by focusing on her senses: the taste, the touch, the smell, the sight and the sound. You’re looking enhancing the mood somehow. So moving to a nicer location where the mood’s better, putting on a nice, sensual music.

You can learn how to seduce women by offering them the gift of a seductive moment because you are aware emotionally and you are sensitive to what’s going on and the mood of where you are.

When you can do that, your aim is to keep the flow of the mood and allow the girl to relax into your presence and to enjoy the experience with you. That is also a very powerful way of offering women a seductive moment.

How to seduce women #3 –  the problem solver

Now in this scenario, a girl would like to spend more time with us, but there are barriers in her way. Such as she wants to go to a nightclub, but she doesn’t want to queue to get in or she’s out with her friends so she can’t spend any more time with you.

How to seduce women - the problem solver

These types of scenarios happen all the time. You see in this situation, what women really want is for you to use your intelligence to remove the boundaries and this girl is enticed by someone that can resolve her issues and if you can do that, you will give her a seductive moment. The way of learning how to seduce women in this scenario is to showcase that you can problem solve and this sub communicates so many great personal qualities.

You know that if you’ve done this well because the girl will accept your solution and she’ll invest more time with you to spend more time together. The problem solver is a very attractive archetype and when you could become a better problem solver at the moment with women, you will allow them the pleasure of a seductive moment where their barriers melt away and they want to spend more time with you.

How to seduce women #4 – the empathy builder

Now the empathy builder is someone who overcomes the issue when women are being noncommittal. So she’s avoiding answering your questions. She won’t invest in the interaction. She’s vague with her answers and she appears disinterested. You see in this situation, the girl is closed-minded to being with you. And what you need to do in this situation is to allow her to become open-minded.

How to seduce women - the empathy builder

The way of learning how to seduce a woman in this scenario is by demonstrating empathy. And a really good way of doing that is if a girl is very low level invested in you and she says, “I’m really busy”. You just echo back her thoughts and you say “you’re really busy”. And she’ll say, “Yes, I’m really busy because I’m working on this”. “Oh, you’re really busy because you’re working on that.”

What happens is when you reflect back, you are demonstrating that you understand her view of the world and you’re building empathy. The more that you can do that, the more open-minded the girl will become. You see, most of us most of the time are quite closed-minded and it’s almost like having your fists clenched when someone allows you a seductive moment is letting go and it’s enjoying the process.

So the empathy builder is someone who is excellent at building a connection with women and you’ll know when you’ve got the right outcome because the girl will relax. You’ll see the barriers in her mind melt away and you will give her a powerful seductive moment. And these, as I say, are a gift. These are a great way of allowing women to relax in your presence.

How to seduce women #5 – the comfort leveller

This is generally when a girl compromises. So when you ask her out for cocktails, she agrees to a coffee. Or when we ask to meet her family, she agrees only to meet your mum. See in this situation, the girl wants to spend more time with you, but she wants to do it on her own terms to build that relationship one step at a time.

How to seduce women - the comfort leveller

The seductive response at this moment is to be emotionally intelligent, accepting and comfortable. You don’t want to push her too far out of her comfort zone. She is attracted to a man with high levels of emotional intelligence, someone who can tune into her feelings and act appropriately.

You will know if you give women a seductive moment because she will agree to spend more time with you within the realms of our comfort levels. She will feel secure. She will feel safe that you’re not going to push her too far.

How to seduce women – five types of seducers.

What they are, are a way of allowing women to feel safe and secure and relaxed in your presence. You are not able to do that if you want something from women. You see your aim around women that you like and women that you find attractive and women that you would like to seduce is to give them a series of seductive moments.

Allow them to spend time with you where you are allowing them to relax more, to enjoy your presence, to enhance the mood. When you put all of these characters together, what happens is, is that you will become the archetype or figure yourself of someone who’s attractive to women, so I’m just going to go over the five very quickly.

The first one is the security provider who allows women to feel safe and secure because he is safe and secure. He’s not affected outwardly. No matter what happens, he’s cool, calm and collected and that is super attractive.

The second one is the mood enhancer. Now the mood enhancer is someone that is seductive because his ability to continue the sensual experiences around women and he will allow them to feel relaxed because the mood is so good.

The third seducer is the problem solver. Now he’s someone that can solve issues quickly and allow women to spend more time with him and that is highly attractive to be able to problem-solve.

The fourth one is the empathy builder and this is actually a very difficult skill when a girl is closed-minded speaking to you, to open her up and allow her to relax and see you as a potential opportunity of someone to date. The empathy builder, very powerful. And the way you do that is by echoing back her thoughts.

And the fifth one is the comfort leveller. This is someone who is aware of how the girl is feeling and he will always even out her levels of comfort to allow her to be relaxed and comfortable.

You see the word seduction, seductive moments isn’t about this guy who’s going out and chasing women all the time. No. The seducer is the man that recognises that he wants women to feel relaxed, safe, and secure in his presence.

The more he can do that, the more women will relax and the more comfortable they will feel.

A seduction, a true seduction is a win-win. It is a win for the girl because she allows herself to relax with you, it is a win for you because you get to give women seductive moments, and these can be branched out into any area of your life.

This is what emotional intelligence is. It’s being in tune with other people and allowing them to relax in your presence. So I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode and I will catch you tomorrow.

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