How To Tease A Girl | 11 New Ways To Sexually Flirt With Women (2022)

How To Tease A Girl | 11 New Ways To Sexually Flirt With Women (2022)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, you will learn how to tease a girl. I will be going through eleven techniques I have been teaching over the past decade on my Social Attraction confidence courses for men.

It will importantly help you to avoid the following:

  • Enter into dull and boring conversations that are as dull and boring for the girls you are talking to.
  • Girls stop speaking to you and go and talk to other men while you stand there watching.
  • Feeling frustrated and disappointed because girls will not enter into an intimate relationship with you.

No one should feel so inept in their dating life – it is wrong.

We can help you make it right by taking one of our Social Attraction courses. You will find a link at the bottom of this article to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with me. On the call, we will work out which of our courses is right for you to transform your dating confidence.

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Is teasing flirting?

Above all, teasing is one of the best ways to flirt with women. The reason why teasing is flirty is that it adds depth to your relationship with women.

Being playful has the effect of bringing you closer to a girl whilst also keeping the interaction lighthearted. It can be a great way to showcase sexual interest to a girl.

Likewise, it can also help you recognise when a woman is sexually interested in you.

In addition, teasing has the result of allowing women to relax more in your presence, share intimate jokes, and build the first foundations of sexual chemistry.

When you tease a girl in the right way, she may start to flirt back with you. To gain a better understanding of when a girl is flirting with you see my infographic below. You can also read my signs she’s flirting with you article.

15 signs a women gives you when she is flirting and responsive to your teasing

How to tease a girl in a flirty way?

The best way to tease a girl in a flirty way is to be deliberately playful and lighthearted with her in conversation. This means staying away from boring and serious conversation topics.

Here are three quick ways to be more playful, fun and flirty around women you have just met.

A flirty nickname

Giving a girl a fun nickname is one of the easiest ways of teasing her in conversation.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Girl from (add the town she is from)” instead of her real name.
  • If her name is “Stacey”, call her “Tracey.”

Nicknames nostalgically remind us of being back at school and tend to develop a fun dynamic with women.

A teasing accusation

In my experience, women do not like to make it overtly obvious that they like someone. Therefore accusing her of hitting on you usually elicits an immediate reaction from most women.

Consequently, we can use this to be playful with her in dialogue.

Here are two examples:

  • “Don’t look at me with your seductive eyes.”
  • “You are just saying that to impress me.”

Anytime you can accuse a girl of making a move on you is a great way to tease her in conversation.

A playful statement

If you can make a fun statement to a girl about her behaviour, insinuating that she is boring, it tends to induce a playful vibe.

Here are some examples:

  • “You are staying in on Friday …yawn.”
  • “Wow, who would have known you were this boring on a night out.”

Teasing a girl in a flirty manner like this infers a sexual element to your interactions.

Below you will find an image from a confidence course that I hosted focusing on how to flirt with women using reflections. This video clip will give you other fun flirting techniques to use.

Gary Gunn hosting a course on how to tease women

What to tease a girl about?

It is preferable to tease a girl about her thoughts or actions.

Importantly, remember that teasing is a fun and playful way to be flirty with women. Therefore, you should not get personal and mention anything that she may feel insecure about, such as her weight, her hair, or her make-up, for instance.

Outlined below are some key examples of how to tease a girl properly.

Teasing her thoughts

When you are teasing a girl’s thoughts, it can add a fun and dynamic aspect to the interaction.

Here are some great ways to poke fun at a girl’s thoughts:

  • “You are 29 years old and did not know that.”
  • “You have an interesting way of thinking about that.”

Teasing her actions

The best way to tease a girl’s actions is to be playful about how she conducts herself around you.

Here are a few ways that you can tease a girl’s actions:

  • “You are standing very close to me – bit keen.”
  • “Following me around all night is a bit desperate.”

The key to successfully teasing a girl’s actions is to construct the playfulness around her chasing after you and following you around.

I have created the following infographic to teach you more ways to tease and flirt with women when you first meet them. You can also read my how to flirt with women article to learn more about using each.

8 different ways outlining how to playfully tease a girl

Teasing examples

The best teasing examples are the ones you can implement with immediate effect.

Mimicking her or misinterpreting her are two ways that you can tease a girl with little chance of getting it wrong.

Here are some examples:

  • Tease mimicking

Mimicking a girl’s voice in a fun and lighthearted way is a great way to playfully poke fun at her and initiate flirting with her in conversation.

This can be repeating what she has said in a funny tone or copying her body language in an accentuated way.

  • Tease misinterpreting

Misinterpretations are some of the best ways to tease a girl. You take what she says, and then you repeat it back to her, deliberately misinterpreting what she has just said to you.

For extra effect, you can misinterpret what she is saying like she is hitting on you all of the time.

Below is an image from one of my confidence courses where I demonstrate how to tease women by misinterpreting them on purpose. This specific technique is called ‘The Opposite and Exaggerate’ and is a 3-minute clip.

Gary Gunn with a model teaching men how to flirt with women

Flirty teasing

Adding a flirty element when teasing a girl is a great way to elevate your relationship sexually.

The best way you can do this is by suggesting that everything she is doing is aimed at getting your attention or that she is trying to flirt with you sexually.

Above all, here are my three favourite ways to flirt and tease a girl simultaneously:

Tease her outfit

You can suggest that she is wearing her outfit on purpose to try and sexually provoke you.

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • “Oh, so you are wearing leggings today to try and get my attention then.”
  • “High heels for afternoon cocktails… seems like you are trying to get my attention.”

The point is that you are inferring that she is trying to hit on you, and anything that she does can be misinterpreted in this manner.

Tease her body language

You can mention that she is sitting in a certain way to try and get your attention.

Here are two examples:

  • “You are sitting closer to me than most people usually do – bit keen.”
  • “Do not try and look at me with that seductive eye contact – calm down.”

In my experience, telling a girl to ‘calm down’ often creates a fun vibe and adds energy to the interaction.

Tease her conversation

Drawing attention to a girl’s conversation topic is a fantastic way to tease her in conversation.

Here are a couple of ways:

  • “You are just bringing up travelling to try and get me to go with you.”
  • “Speaking about making food is not going to get me to come over for dinner.”

Remember, however, when you make these types of teasing statements, the aim is to make it evident that you are flirting with her.

Playfully teasing a girl you have just met is one element of flirting, and I know that it can be challenging for many of my clients to keep a conversation flowing after the first few minutes.

This is why I have created the following infographic that will help you prolong your conversations with women. If you struggle with this, then I suggest you also read my how to carry on a conversation with women article.

3 types of intelligence to convey in your conversations with women

Best tease

The best tease with a girl is challenging her to be more exciting or more adventurous. When you do this, often you will open up a Pandora’s Box of energy into the interaction.

This reminds me of when I was coaching a particular client of mine a few years ago – a highly energetic 22-year old who loved going on a night out and meeting women. Together we went to a few countries, a few bar crawls, and spoke to many different girls where he used the following technique to perfection.

The idea is simple: During an interaction with a girl that you like, all you have to do is to ask her:

  • “Are you adventurous?”

What girl on a night out partying is ever going to say “no” to this question? By answering “yes,” a girl is allowing you to follow up with a powerful question:

  • “What can we do right now that would be adventurous?”

As you can imagine, this type of question will generate some fun answers. Indeed, I have personally witnessed some of the following:

  • “We could kiss.”
  • “Let’s do shots.”
  • “Let’s go dance.”

This kind of response from a woman indicates that she likes you and is willing to invest more time together. Please take a moment to think how much time this one technique I teach on my confidence courses could save you.

Power statement

By the way, if you do not get the desired response from a girl, then you can make one more power statement:

  • “You just said you are adventurous… give me something more exciting.”

It was this statement that notoriously led to the “we could kiss…” response my client was looking for in most of his interactions.

One point that I want to emphasise here is that you want to make yourself memorable to a woman long after she has gone home – in other words, you want to seduce her. To learn more about seduction, including the difference between an attraction and a seduction, read my seduction techniques article.

5 ways to seduce a woman

How to tease a girl sexually?

The primary way to tease a girl sexually is to create conflict in your interaction. In effect, this means disagreeing with her, saying no on purpose, and valuing your time.

Above all, remember to create some sexual tension when you are teasing a girl sexually.

Below are three ways to tease a girl in this manner:

  • Sexual teasing by disagreeing

Most of the time, most men tend to look for ways to agree with what a girl is saying in conversation. The reason for this is that many of us place an attractive woman on a pedestal and, as a result, fall into acting submissively around her.

By disagreeing with a girl, you show that you value yourself and are not afraid of conflict with her in conversation. It also has the effect of creating sexual tension with women.

The best way to disagree with a girl is to first say, “I do not agree with that”, when she offers an opinion that you do not agree with.

Secondly, all you have to do is pause, hold eye contact, and subsequently wait for her to speak next. Indeed, when I train my clients on this technique, the essential element is to pause and wait for the girl to talk first.

  • Sexual teasing by saying no

Saying no is a great way to create sexual tension with women. All you have to do is say no when a girl asks you to do something for her.

This could be a request to buy her a drink, hold her bag, or even dance with her on a night out.

In truth, the main point of saying no is to highlight that you are not afraid of conflict with her by setting a personal boundary.

  • Sexual teasing by valuing your time

Being a slave to your watch when interacting with women is also a great way to create sexual tension. Therefore, when you are speaking to a girl, a glance at your watch, checking the time on occasion, and saying that you have to go soon are great principles.

In my experience, the reason for this is scarcity. If a girl knows that her time with you is limited, she will invest more into your interaction.

In sum, teasing women in conversation is fun, especially by creating lighthearted conflict. It is also a sure and definitive way to spark sexual interest, which is a significant element of what we teach in our Social Attraction courses. To learn more about our coaching, visit our transformational confidence courses page.


  • Give her a nickname
  • Accuse her of hitting on you
  • Mention that she is boring
  • Challenge her to be more exciting
  • Mimic her with a fun tone
  • Misinterpret what she says
  • Tease her body language as being sexual
  • Actively disagree with a girl
  • Say “no” to a girl to create tension
  • Use sexual innuendos
  • Build sexual anticipation

Written by Gary Gunn

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Moreover, he is the head coach at Social Attraction and leads the team, training and courses.
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