Imagination | Your Purest Self To Harness The Power Of Your Dreams

Imagination | Your Purest Self To Harness The Power Of Your Dreams

Imagination | Your Purest Self To Harness The Power Of Your Dreams

Imagination | Your Purest Self To Harness The Power Of Your Dreams

Imagination | Your Purest Self To Harness The Power Of Your Dreams

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

The ability to dream, wish, or hope distinguishes our species from all others. To imagine is to be set free from the reality – and its limitations – of the World in which we inhabit.

Imagination creates a vision for what could be without restraint. It allows the impossible to become possible. It allows what did not exist before to live, to breathe – to become true. It is through our imagination that goals are set and accomplished. Feelings of optimism and enthusiasm, even motivation, are manifested by first imagining what the outcome could be if the situation we wish for becomes physically tangible.

The importance of visualising whatever we want to achieve is paramount in creating our future. The images that play in our minds are the blueprint for change and opportunity. The mental pictures we create are the internal catalysts for navigating the way ahead.

But you have to imagine for yourself …

Great ideas, concepts and innovation are born in our imagination. Creative behaviour and associated emotions are affected by our wishes and hopes. Ultimately, imagination influences everything we are and that we do regardless of profession, background or education.

Our imagination is our purest self …

No matter where you are whilst reading this article, we all have one thing is common: the power to imagine a better world for ourselves, and for those we love. A life filled with potential is a life filled with imagination. The sky is not the limit; the limit is as far as your imagination will take you.

No two imaginations are the same – no two people can or ever will imagine the same better world, but this is what makes us human – this is what make us the most diverse, creative and successful species to walk the Earth.

Take just three of our fellow humans as examples:

  • Charlie Chaplin used his imagination to entertain the world.
  • Martin Luther King used his imagination to abolish slavery.
  • Picasso used his imagination to create beauty.

These icons of the past did not suddenly wake up one morning with their dreams finalised and in place. No, they undertook a lifetime of imagining the small daily changes and inner traits required to energise the power of their creativity.

They imagined, they visualised and then – and only then – did they create a better world for you and me.

Arguably, our lives are about seeing reality as it is and subsequently, using our imagination to mould our characters into a version of perfection in an imperfect world.

The simple act of letting our minds roam and picturing ourselves as a better person or visualising a better place in which to live is what inspires us, every morning, to wake up feeling revitalised and refreshed – ready to overcome the challenges that are thrown at us by reality.


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