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Inner Game – Our Pathway To Dating Success
Inner Game – Our Pathway To Dating Success

Inner Game – Our Pathway To Dating Success

Written by the Social Attraction Team

I have come to understand that our inner game and the way we feel inside have a dramatic impact on our dating success, our pua text game strategy and our ability to attract the types of women we desire into our lives.

In the three videos below, Gary teaches us about how we can feel more positive, courageous and self-assured when meeting new women.

Inner GameInner GameInner Game

Inner Game #1: Improve Our Confidence With Women

When we are feeling confident, we have nothing to fear and can enjoy the experience of meeting women.

In the first video, Gary describes three simple steps we can take which will make a big difference to our overall confidence around women we like.

Q&A How To Increase My Confidence With Women?

Inner Game #2: Maintain Our Confidence With Women

We could go out feeling on top of the world, but then something happens which is out of our control that brings us crashing back down to earth.

In the next video, Gary gives us a strategy we can use on a night out or during the day to make sure that we don’t peak too soon which allows us to learn how to start a conversation with a girl in a natural way.

Q&A How To Maintain Confidence With Women?

Inner Game #3: Improve Our State Management

Sometimes we can have negative inner-dialogue and thoughts which makes us feel fearful or anxious, especially if we have too much time to think.

In the final video, Gary describes a number of tactics we can adopt to ensure our mind is continually occupied and how doing our homework before a night out can also help tremendously.

Q&A How To Improve State Management When Meeting Women?

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