Is She Interested? How to Know If She’s Into You

Is She Interested? How to Know If She’s Into You

Is She Interested? How to Know If She’s Into You

Is She Interested? How to Know If She’s Into You

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Is She Interested? How to Know If She’s Into You

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

As a species, human beings send signals that show interest in potential mates. If that sounds pretty basic, that’s because it is.

A woman has both subtle and obvious ways of letting us know if she is interested in us.

Is she interested? The signs may be there, but we can sometimes have a hard time interpreting them.

Over time we’ve found that if our fear of rejection is strong enough, we may not even approach and interact with a woman who is actually interested in us.

Tragically, 99% of men under 50 don’t know when a woman is flirting with them.

This article contains ten ways a woman shows that she is attracted to a man. By knowing these signs, we can answer the “Is she interested?” question for ourself and as a direct result approach women with confidence.

1. She’s Looking Your Way

Women check out men, though they aren’t as obvious about it as men are. She will cast a glance your way repeatedly. If you aren’t sure she’s looking at you, just give it some time.

Eventually, you will catch a quick sideways glance in your direction. And then another.

2. She Looks “Down” on You

Whenever you make eye contact with a new girl, she will look away until she gets to know you.

The trick is to notice which way her eyes go when she looks. If she looks to one side or the other, she is still deciding.

She looks down. Is she interested? Yes, absolutely. Looking down means that she does find you attractive.

Decided or not, she will most likely look back at you within 45 seconds, according to the late Dr. Timothy Perper, a sexologist who spent years studying flirting. Forty-five seconds is the standard length of time between looks.

However, if she looks up, it’s probably best that you move on. She is not interested. It’s not an eye-roll exactly, but the letdown is the same.

is she interestedis she interestedis she interested

3. She Maintains Eye Contact

Once you get to know her a little, she will extend her eye contact.

She’s doing exactly what you are doing. She is taking time to look into your eyes, hold her gaze a little longer, and study you a little more.

Is she interested? I would say, yes.

4. Body Language

Flirting is all about sending signals. If you are still across the room from the woman, then it’s up to body language to get the message across and get your attention.

If she’s with a group and lets out a laugh or giggle over something said, she will most likely look over at you at that moment to make a connection, consciously or subconsciously.

Maybe she brisks by you in her high heels, hips swinging, as though she is in a hurry. She’s made herself pretty hard to miss.

She talks to her girlfriend, but she knows you’re watching. She runs her finger slowly around the top of her glass. She’s not fidgeting, my friend. She’s drawing your attention.

She absently grooms herself in your presence. She smooths her skirt, runs her fingers absently through her hair, or pushes her breasts out as she pushes in her chair.

5. She’s Closing In

Everyone has a personal space boundary. If a woman crosses yours, you can be confident she did it on purpose.

If you’re in a club, she will find a reason to move closer to you. She may even start dancing next to you, even if you aren’t on the dance floor.

This show for attention is a little obvious, but some men still manage to miss it. Don’t be one of them.

6. She Mirrors You

Both men and women do this when they want to attract someone. It may be conscious or subconscious.

She will mirror your mannerisms. You take a drink from your glass. She takes a drink from hers. You lean in. She leans in.

You lean in. She leans in. You get the idea.

is she interestedis she interestedis she interested

7. She Casually Touches You

When a woman finds a way to brush your arm, or playfully slap your shoulder, she’s flirting. She is also expressing her attraction in a safe way.

Move a little closer until part of your leg touches hers. If she doesn’t push away, you could very well be a LOT closer later in the evening.

8. She Breaks from the Pack

In bars and clubs, women tend to stick together for practical reasons. In addition to general safety, their girlfriends have their backs in case they need backup.

If a woman separates herself from her group to be near you, is she interested? Need you ask at this point?

She’s not only left her group, but she’s decided that the mating dance is about over and it’s time for some one-on-one.

Don’t get too excited yet, by one-on-one I mean talking, and of course more flirting. Now, though, the opportunity to do more is definitely a possibility.

9. She Finds Reasons to Stay

If she has reason to end a conversation but doesn’t, you know her interest level is high. If she keeps the conversation going, or stays for that one last drink, she’s into you.

She may linger a few more minutes to be sure you ask for her number. She may even stay until morning.

is she interestedis she interestedis she interested

10. She Goes All Submissive

If a woman gives you control over the situation, that is giving you permission to show male dominance.

She may ask you to order for her. If you’ve decided to leave together, she may have you suggest the place.

This doesn’t (necessarily) mean fuzzy handcuffs later, but it does show her comfort level with you and her interest in doing more.

Is She Interested in You or Not?

Now that you are armed with this information, you can answer that question for yourself the next time you see an attractive woman you’d like to approach.

Rather than have approach anxiety, you can now move towards her with confidence.

Of course, what to say when you get to her is a whole other article! If you’d like to contact us before then, fill out our contact form.

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