Social Attraction Style Guide – Jeans

Social Attraction Style Guide – Jeans

Social Attraction Style Guide – Jeans

Social Attraction Style Guide – Jeans

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Social Attraction Style Guide – Jeans

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From personal experience I know that improving our style can make a massive difference in our overall attractiveness to women.  When we are learning how to get a girl to like you, our style is one of the most important areas we can work onto get immediate results.

If we are poorly dressed we are subtly conveying negative characteristics like laziness, lack of creativity and poor self awareness.

Luckily for us we can improve our style following a few simple steps, starting with our jeans.

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Jeans #1: The Fit

The single most important thing to get right with our denims is their fit; we can also use this as a great way of asking women their opinion on our jeans which helps us to learn how to start a conversation with a girl.

If they are too baggy then they can look messy, but too tight and they can look like girl’s jeans. What we are really after is a perfectly fitting tight pair of jeans.

A good rule of thumb is that if we can sit down without the jeans stretching around our thighs, they’re not tight enough.


Jeans #2: The Cut

We want a cut that follows the profile of our legs, which get thinner as they go down, and they should be long enough to rest on the top of our shoes with a couple of small creases (only).  Our style is also relevant when we are learning how to compliment a girl, the better we are dressed the higher our praise tends to work.

The exact type of cut will depend on our individual body shape (and brand) but we want to be looking out for words like ‘Slim’, ‘Tapered’ and ‘fitted’; and staying away from words like ‘boot-cut’, ‘straight fit’ and ‘relaxed’.

Bear in mind that jeans can be easily adjusted by taking them to a good tailor if they don’t fit exactly in the store.


Jeans #3: The Colour

Jeans do not only come in blue stonewash, they also come in navy, black and grey.  The more confident we can be with our style the more we can get our of our comfort zone and push our boundaries which is also helpful when learning how to kiss a girl for the first time.

We could even push the boat out with a pair of red denims to signal our individuality, I’ve also found that a little bit of natural looking fading and distressing can also look really good.

Jeans Colour

Our jeans give us a massive head start when we are meeting new women by conveying positive attributes about ourselves which makes everything else so much easier.

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