Journaling | Your Truest Friend In Life (who is always there for you)

Journaling | Your Truest Friend In Life (who is always there for you)

Journaling | Your Truest Friend In Life (who is always there for you)

Journaling | Your Truest Friend In Life (who is always there for you)

Journaling | Your Truest Friend In Life (who is always there for you)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

The practice of keeping a journal for exploring ideas and feelings – past, present and future – which impact your life has a magical quality in identifying, sifting and clarifying your true thoughts. Journaling represents the chronicle of your life – authored by you.

It is your own book in which you can rewrite your past, change your current narrative and formulate your chosen character in the future.  Journaling is a wonderful tool for understanding your internal emotions when stressful or anxious situations arise. It allows you to rejuvenate your thinking and eject negative thoughts. The very essence of you is in your journal – and in your life story, journaling is your only true friend.

Your journal will never judge you. It never tells you what to do. It does not think it knows better than you. It is never too busy to listen to anything you have to say. It always has your best interests at heart. It wants your success and well-being. It knows you intimately – your very core. It understands you; empathises with you; connects with you; supports you in anything you do. No other support network offers what your journal does. Whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow, journaling enables you to be in complete control of your life.

Journaling acts as your personal counsellor.

It cleanses previous issues and problems and helps you to let go of old ideas and beliefs which do not work for you. It is receptive to endlessly hearing about your traumas without complaint. It demands to know about your past and for you to share your innermost feelings. Your secrets of the past are safe and held by the journal with unconditional trust.

Journaling reflects back the now.

It mirrors your deepest thoughts and feelings at this current moment in time. It permits you to step away from any problems and take a more balanced view of the circumstances. It allows you to breathe; untangle the knots that trouble you and gain a clearer – truer – perspective on surrounding issues.  It opens your mind to viewing the World through a different lens; to finding creative solutions; to self-express without recrimination; to be you today.

Journaling imagines your future as you want it to be.

Tomorrow is created by setting down your desires, your wishes, your hopes – all for the purpose of making a better life. Journaling injects excitement, passion and motivation into your future plans. Shaping your future by writing about it is as cathartic as it is inspirational. Setting goals, introducing new values, drawing up ambitious plans is a powerful technique which cements your vision into your future reality.

Throughout the ages, wise men have used journaling as the most robust coping strategy when under duress. Reflective thinking, processing the present and sculpting the future – during horrific times far worse than today – are methods by which men could create order in a chaotic World – as you can.

Your journal is a unique work – as individual as your fingerprint. Nobody can ever write about you like you can. But it is so much more. Your journal is your friend. Not just any friend – but your truest friend.


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