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Skype video courses – Our Skype courses are for men who want to transform their dating confidence in 45-minute bite-sized lessons from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our courses range from £499 to £2,999 per person.

Classroom courses – Our classroom courses are for men who want an immersive experience with dating role-plays, drills, and course handbooks to transform their dating results. Our three-day courses are £1,999 per person.

Face-to-face training – This course is for men who want to go out into the real world and transform their dating success with real life women. Our courses range from £799-£1,999 per person for group training and £1,499-£4,999 for 1-1 tuition.

The Full Social Attraction 90-Day Transformation – We will transform every area of your dating life with our most comprehensive training. The full Social Attraction 90-day transformation is £29,999 per person. We also offer a one year full mentorship for £74,999 per person.

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