Looking For A Dating Coach Who Gets Results? Written By Gary Gunn

When I first came across Charles Darwin’s Sexual Selection Theory, I had been a dating coach for over five years and my focus was on teaching men how to approach and interact with new women. Once I’d become enlightened by Darwin’s theory my life and my coaching evolved immediately.

Darwin suggested that we are not only competing with other animals through natural selection, but indeed we were also competing within our own species for mating opportunities, and this is known as Sexual Selection Theory.

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He explained that humans have created art, music and all other forms of creative expression as a way of highlighting our genetics to potential mates. What I found extraordinary as a dating coach for men was that when we are able to peruse any area of self expression we move from chasing potential mates to having them chase us so to speak.

Looking For A Dating Coach #1: Channelling Sexual Energy

Michelangelo’s “David”, Picasso’s “Guernica” and Dalí’s “Metamorphosis of Narcissus” are all examples of men from our past who have channelled their sexual energy into creating something unique, powerful and attractive.

These men were not spending all of their lives in bars and nightclubs attempting to “get lucky” with women. Instead the dedicated their time to self expression and created masterpieces which have long outlived them and formed a part of our history and modern day culture.

looking for a dating coach

Nature has provided all of us with various tools for our own self expression, and with the right guidance from a professional dating coach we are able to shed light on what is unique attractive about ourselves.

Looking For A Dating Coach #2: Fitness Indictors

A fitness indicator is a signpost which conveys our genetical value to women. The harder a fitness indicator is to replicate (as in the peacocks tail) then the more attractive the signpost is to the opposite sex.

If we take a glimpse into any area within our modern world, we can see where humans being have evolved above and beyond what we have seen in the past. If we look at bodybuilding magazines, listen to any intelligent podcast or read any journalists columns we can see real life evidence of us trying to show off our unique talents.

looking for a dating coach

I’m sure that many of us aren’t even aware of what we are doing, however when we are aware of Darwin’s blueprint, we are then able to plan our lives with knowledge above and beyond our genetic competition.

Looking For A Dating Coach #3: Self Development

The most fascinating part of Darwin’s theory is that after coaching many men to understand this blueprint of life. What has become apparent to me is that when we develop any area of our life we feel like our opportunities for mating will be increased, so our minds relax and we can enjoy the finer aspects of live.

looking for a dating coach

So in a nutshell, when looking for a dating coach, we are after someone who can enable us to follow our internal compass to creative self expression as a means of illuminating our genetics, and calming our busy minds.

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