Meditation – Our Foundation For Natural Charisma

Meditation – Our Foundation For Natural Charisma

Meditation – Our Foundation For Natural Charisma

Meditation – Our Foundation For Natural Charisma

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Meditation – Our Foundation For Natural Charisma

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

On our approach anxiety courses I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that some people appeared to be cool, calm and collected in moments of despair.  It’s almost like they had a secret way of maintaining their composure.

I recognised that this behaviour wasn’t just something that was occurring in the moment; rather it was a deep and passive way of remaining serene and positive.

The end result is that I wanted to model this behaviour, so that I was no longer so influenced by outer circumstances.  As soon as I made this decision, meditation instantly became one of my daily rituals.

Meditation #1– How Does It Work?

The concern that many of us face is that our minds are often running at 100mph either thinking about things that have happened in the past, what might happen in the future or judging things in the moment as good or bad.

We teach on our pick up artist courses that it can be very easy to become overwhelmed by all these thoughts especially in stressful situations. And we often have a tendency to focus on the negative conditions which then makes us feel even worse.

Meditation is about training our minds to quieten down our thoughts and become more ‘in the moment’ which helps us to feel happier, calmer and more relaxed.


Meditation #2 – The Energy Of Life

I’ve found that by being more relaxed we are far less reactive to challenges in life, meaning that we expel far less energy throughout the day.

We explain on our dating coach courses that with this new abundance of power, when new opportunities arise to meet women it offers us an opportunity to focus our energy on bringing out our natural charm and charisma.

In a nutshell, by meditating daily I get less tired meaning that all of my interactions with women are far more fun, energised and upbeat.


Meditation #3 – Which Programs Could We Use?

I would personally recommend an app called Headspace as a first port of call.  It’s free for the first 10 meditations and has animations which explain what mediation is all about and how to do it in more detail.

Gary Gunn however uses a meditation by Shinzen Young called “The Science Of Enlightenment” with the meditations lasting about 45 minutes per session.

I’ve noticed that just meditating for 10 minutes on a daily basis can have a tremendous effect to help us feel calmer, more present and less reactive to situations we find ourselves in.


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