Gary Gunn – Founder of Social Attraction

Hello, my name is Gary Gunn and over a decade ago I quit my job to follow my dreams and set up Social Attraction.

Since then I have hosted over 500 dating courses in ten major cities in the UK and fifteen different countries in Europe – educating men on how to create their ideal lifestyle and date the woman of their dreams.

I have written and published a best-selling book titled “An Education in Online Dating”.

I have not always been successful with women and in life; when I was 18 years old I had a car accident which nearly killed me, left me with post-traumatic stress disorder and ended a potential sports career.

After years in the wilderness, I decided to take control of my life and I learned how to channel the adversity of my broken dreams to better my life. One step at a time I gained more and more confidence with women and over the years I have dedicated my life to teaching men the lessons which I have learned along the way.

Social Attraction is about educating you on what I have learned, the best parts and how you can implement them in your life.

Below you can listen to the centenary episode of my podcast where I was interviewed on my journey since starting Social Attraction – including my struggles with my emotions, my lack of success with women and how my fortunes changed when I decided to take control of my life.

An Education In Gary Gunn – The Gary Gunn Show Podcast Episode #100

Meet My Social Attraction Team

Dr. Neel Reddy – Men’s Style Consultant 

Dr. Neel Reddy is one of London’s most prominent stylists and heads up our men’s styling division. Being well-dressed and exuding sophistication online as well as in social settings are two impactful qualities that offer a tremendous advantage in the world. Neel advises our clients on attaining the right image and appearance which showcases their character as a refined, cultured and charismatic man.


Olya Rovasio – Head Coaching Assistant

Olya Rovasio is a top UK model who works with exclusive fashion brands, international editorial magazines and elite fashion shows. Olya runs our team of female coaching assistants as well as helping to create dynamic dating role-plays that condition our clients with new and more attractive dating habits.



Danrev Davocol – Digital Media Creator 

Danrev is our digital media guru. From creating marketing content to designing impactful graphics to sublimely editing video content, his style and willingness to generate innovative and entertaining information through digital media is truly World class.



Khody Damestani – Psychologist 

Khody Damestani has been a qualified professional psychotherapist and counsellor for almost 20 years. He is an expert in cognitive behaviour therapy focussing in areas such as sport and health. Khody’s experience and passion for helping people change their behaviour – and what motivates them to do so – offers our clients fascinating opportunities to find the right techniques and strategies to enrich their lives.


Michael Aye – Dancing Instructor 

Michael Aye is our dance instructor extraordinaire. He is a maestro in seductive social dancing such as salsa and the uniquely sexy bachata which was created in the Dominican Republic during the 1960’s He demonstrates the moves and teaches the shapes that transform our clients’ current dance-floor repertoires into fluid, hypnotic motions which often lead to beautiful social interactions.