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How To Meet Women In Madrid
How To Meet Women In Madrid

How To Meet Women In Madrid

Written by the Social Attraction Team

Our latest Social Attraction Summer Tour weekend took us to the Spanish capital of Madrid where we taught how to talk to girls in a foreign city.

We have got some fantastic footage to share and the three videos this week feature Neel meeting women during the daytime with coaching from Gary.

Meet Women In MadridMeet Women In MadridMeet Women In Madrid

Meet Women In Madrid #1: How Approach Women

Madrid is a buzzing city and there are endless opportunities to approach women during the daytime.

In the first of this week’s videos, Gary gives three amazing pieces of advice to Neel about how to approach women to help ensure a successful interaction.

How To Approach A Girl In Madrid – Dating Coach Spain

Meet Women In Madrid #2: How To Start A Conversation

When we see a girl we like, it’s up to us to take the initiative and start the conversation with her.

There are a number of things we can do to make things easier and more likely that she’ll be receptive to us engaging with her which are covered in this video.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl In Madrid – Pua Training Spain

Meet Women In Madrid #3: How To Get A Girls Number

When we are learning how to start a conversation with a girl and we want to see her again, the next step is to exchange numbers with her.

In the final video Gary gives three great tips to help us when asking a girl for her telephone number.

How To Get A Girl’s Number In Madrid – Daygame Spain

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