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Why Most Men Fail With Women
Why Most Men Fail With Women

Why Most Men Fail With Women

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this weeks video blog, I share the exact reason why many of us fail when learning how to get a girl to like you when we first meet them. This is an insight which I gained during our recent Summer tour to Stockholm, and will help all of us to form longer lasting relationships.

The ends result is that whether we are aware of it or not, our insecurities eat up inside of us and have to surface at some point during our relationships with women.  This is why self development is so pivitol to our success with women and dating.

Why Most Men Fail With Women – Social Attraction – Gary Gunn 

Why Most men Fail With Women #1: Our Thoughts

In my experience when we first learn how to talk to girls that we share a genuine connection with, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind romance.

When we are feeling like this we are often influenced by our short term whims as opposed to our long term dating strategy.

Why Most men Fail With Women #2: Our Actions

As soon as we become too invested with a woman who we have recently met, we tend to change our outlook on life and attempt to see the girl more often.

One fact that we all need to recognise is that if we suddenly become to “keen” to see her again and again, we can start to convey extremely unattractive qualities.

Summer Tour to BudapestSummer Tour to BudapestSummer Tour to Budapest

Why Most men Fail With Women #3: Our Response

Like all areas of our life, such as work and staying physically fit we have a plan and long terms goals to go with them.  This way over a prolonged period of time we will learn more and more about how to start a conversation with a girl and end up dating her in a calm and relaxed manner.

This way when we meet women who we are connected to, it serves us to remember that out goal should be to date this girl long term and not base all of our responses on short term meetings.

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