Movement – The Energy of Leadership

Movement – The Energy of Leadership

Movement – The Energy of Leadership

Movement – The Energy of Leadership

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Movement – The Energy of Leadership

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

I’ve seen it time and again on our pick up artist courses; an interaction looks like it’s going really well and then all of a sudden the energy drops, and before we know it the opportunity has come to an abrupt end.

In a word ….PAINFUL!!

I can’t even begin to explain how often this used to happen to me; looking back it feels like almost every interaction went this way.  So what has changed my fortunes?

In a word …MOVEMENT.

I’ve discovered that if we are able to move women during our interactions, not only does this keep the energy levels up, but it also serves to demonstrate instinctive leadership qualities by taking control of the situation.

So here are my top three ways that we can move women in a range of different scenarios.

Movement #1: Loud Environments

Bars and nightclubs are often noisy settings and it can be difficult to start a new interaction or even hear what women are saying.

We teach on our pua training courses that this can be incredibly frustrating, but nowadays rather than straining to hear her, I simply say:

“I can’t hear you, come over here” or “Let’s go over here so I can hear you.”

In essence, by moving women so that we can hear them, we are also triggering innate attraction indicators by taking the lead in the interaction.


Movement #2: During The Daytime

One of my favourite parts of our daygame courses is teaching men how to approach women during the day and, for a lot of people, it is one of the most life changing experiences.

However, there are situations when we could find ourselves talking to a girl in a busy walkway or where there might be lots of distractions around which can make conversation difficult. We can help ourselves tremendously by taking the lead and getting her to move with us to somewhere less busy.

Not only does this make our conversation flow easier but again it also serves to convey our innate leadership qualities.


Movement #3: On A Date

From my own experience, one of the best ways to make dates more interesting and exciting is to keep moving from venue to venue.  I’ve found that it helps to maintain the energy levels and keeps the conversation flowing.

We teach on our dating coach courses that the key is to make the types of venue different so that we can engage in a host of diverse activities together; and when one venue is lagging in energy we simply move our date to the next one, and the simple step of moving acts as an energiser in the interaction.

In a nutshell, moving women works not only as an energy inducer, but it also provides us with a fantastic way to take control of the situation and convey attractive attributes.


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