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Powerful Ways To Create Confidence In The Evening

We commence our coaching with some tried and tested confidence building principles. This section is about creating new internal habits to give us the confidence to approach women on a night out.

Rejection Proof Methods Of Approaching Women In Bars And Clubs

During the next phase of our tuition we focus on using rejection proof methods of approaching women. Once we’re feeling more confident, we then move onto more fun, direct and engaging ways to meet girls.

How To Never Run Out Of What To Say In Social Environments

Conversational threading is a strategy that we can employ to ensure we never run out of what to say to girls. Being confident in conversation inspires us to feel more self assured around attractive women.

An Instant Way To Take Women’s Numbers In Bars And Clubs

During the final period of our first session we learn an easy way to take a girl’s number. Our style also enables women to be introduced to our group, accompany us to the next venue and join us for the rest of the evening.

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Effective Methods Of Approaching Women During The Day

The first part of this session is focused on learning how to approach women using high energy. After we make a few approaches we then have the structure and belief to go and talk to any women we find attractive.

Powerful Body Language And Vocal Coaching

This segment is about making changes to the way that we hold ourselves when interacting with women. Making slight adjustments to our body language suddenly makes us look and feel more attractive.

How To Flirt With Women In Broad Daylight

Discover our key principles to flirting with women in a fun and engaging way. In this session we also cover the main go ahead signals that women give off to show that they are attracted to us.

Going On Instant Dates Over A Coffee

Understand the psychology behind going on an instant date. The ability to continue our interactions with women over a coffee introduces a whole new realm to our dating strategy.

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Schedule For Saturday Night’s Live Training

Key Principles of Approaching Women In Loud Environments

How to overcome common obstacles of meeting women in bars and clubs. This session opens up a wealth of new opportunities to approach, engage and interact with girls in loud environments.

Instantly Avoid The Friend Zone

Learn how to convey the most attractive parts of our personality. By highlighting our main attributes as an individual from the outset, women are more likely to be drawn towards us.

Creating A Fun Vibe On A Night Out

This segment teaches us the psychology behind group dynamics. When we are able to create a fun vibe women will naturally want to gravitate to our group.

Attracting Women On The Dance Floor

A simple principle that attracts women on the dance floor.  Combining everything that we have learnt over the weekend we are able to have fun, entice women to come over and enjoy the rest of the evening together.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Live Training

Do you coach men of all ages?
Yes – We coach men from the age of 18 through to 60 years old.


Does your coaching cater for my specific needs?
Yes – We only allow a maximum of three clients to attend per training weekend.


Is your training course hosted in real life scenarios?
Yes - The whole 12 hour course is conducted in a host of environments where you would naturally meet women in your day to day life.


Do you host events in other areas?
Yes – Please contact us to find out when we are next in your area.


Is there any support after my coaching weekend?
Yes - You will be added to our secret "Facebook Tribe" for a lifetime of free assistance from our coaches and previous clients.


Do you offer payment terms?
Yes - Please contact us to discuss individual payment plans.


Do you offer a full 100% money back guarantee?
Yes - If you are not happy with the level of coaching from our training course, then we will refund you in full.


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