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Three Powerful Non Verbal Communication Skills
Three Powerful Non Verbal Communication Skills

Three Powerful Non Verbal Communication Skills

Written by the Social Attraction Team

There are numerous psychological studies which show that the majority of our communication is delivered non-verbally, which we have to take into account when learning how to get a girl to like you.

This includes our vocal tonality, eye contact and body language so by making a few tweaks in this area we can improve our overall success with women and get the girl we want.

Non Verbal Communication SkillNon Verbal Communication SkillNon Verbal Communication Skill

Non Verbal Communication Skill #1: Slow Down

It is a common side-effect to increase the pace of our speech when we are feeling nervous, however I have found that confident people tend to talk slowly and with more pauses.

In the first video, Gary demonstrates a fantastic tool we can use to learn how to talk to girls in a more composed and assured way to give the right impression to women we like.

Q&A How To Have A Better Voice Around Women?

Non Verbal Communication Skill #2: Eye Contact

When we are speaking to groups of women, it’s important that we engage with everyone and not just the girl we are interested in.

From my experience, if we can hold eye contact with the whole group in a confident manner it’s a great sign of social intelligence and means that no-one feels left out.

Q&A How to Hold Eye Contact With Groups Of Women?

Non Verbal Communication Skill #3: Body Language

We teach on our pua training courses that when we are sitting down our body language is just as important as when we are standing up and there are some key principles we should be aware of when we are talking to women.

In the final video, Gary describes how we can hold ourselves while sitting down especially when on a first date to show that we are confident and assertive.

Q&A How To Have More Confident Body Language When Sitting Down?

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