Opening Lines On Tinder – 3 Great Messages To Send

Opening Lines On Tinder – 3 Great Messages To Send

Opening Lines On Tinder – 3 Great Messages To Send

Opening Lines On Tinder – 3 Great Messages To Send

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Opening Lines On Tinder – 3 Great Messages To Send

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The first message we send to girl on Tinder can be critical because if we get it right we can ignite her curiosity and she is likely to respond.  It’s very similar to our pua text game strategy when we first message girls.

But if we get it wrong our message will be ignored and cast aside with the dozens of other messages in her Tinder inbox.

From my experience, we can help ourselves tremendously by thinking of our opening line on Tinder in a similar way to engaging with women in bars and clubs on a night out, which we can do by asking her opinion and giving her a couple of options to choose from.

Opening Lines On Tinder #1: Keep It Simple

When we are learning how to talk to girls on Tinder it can be incredibly frustrating if we spend ages coming up with a funny, imaginative and specific opening line only to never get a response.

We have to remember with Tinder that we are playing ‘the numbers game’ to a degree and therefore it’s best if we can send messages to our matches without having to give them much thought.

Sending a simple question like in the picture below is easy, repeatable and stops us wasting our time.

Tinder Opening Lines 1

Opening Lines On Tinder #2: Stand Out From The Crowd

When we are learning how to start a conversation with a girl on Tinder we need to consider how many messages she probably receives saying something generic like “Hi”, “Hey” or “how are you”?

With so many people using Tinder, the competition is fierce so it’s important we send her something different which stands out from the crowd and gets her attention.

A message containing something random like “bacon or eggs?” is sure to make her look twice, smile and respond back.

Tinder Opening Lines 2

Opening Lines On Tinder #3 Make It Easy

What is the purpose of our opening line? Is it to get a date, to make her fall in love with us or simply to get a message back?

At this stage all we want any kind of response to get our foot in the door and start the conversation. So why not make it as easy as possible for her by giving her a couple of options to choose from.

We teach on our approach anxiety courses that once she starts replying to our initial messages we can start looking to set up a date, but it’s vital we take things one step at a time.

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