Optimism | The Mystical Quality To Balance Your Mental Wellbeing

Optimism | The Mystical Quality To Balance Your Mental Wellbeing

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

Optimism is a word banded around like confetti these days. It is a term that, when used, has a seemingly – and hopefully – magical effect in dispersing all negativity.

Of course, although the utterance of this one word or its derivatives (optimist, optimistic) does not have such mystical qualities, it is worth exploring the virtues of being more positive in our thinking and outlook so we can counteract its polar opposite – pessimism.

Having a sunny disposition is a proven quality that positively affects our mental and physical well-being; reducing stress and tiredness; preventing depression; even increasing longevity.

However, being optimistic is not a form of fantastical thinking or setting unrealistic goals. It is a simple method of looking at the World in the best possible light – and when things are going well, congratulating oneself for being partly responsible.

The reason is that optimists have an internal thinking process that describes a positive event as having occurred because of them. Additionally, they believe that one advantageous occasion will lead to more happy experiences in other areas of their lives. Contrastingly, optimists are able to dismiss a negative circumstance as an isolated external problem (something out of their control) which will have no adverse effects for their future plans.

Naturally, this positive mind-set can only bode well for the future belief in oneself and in one’s ability to make good things happen.

These patterns of optimistic thinking can be learned by consciously and consistently challenging gloomy, limited thinking and replacing it with more cheery and confident thought patterns.

Optimism can be found in almost anything; we just have to imagine it. Imagine the rest of the day being full of good news and excitement. Suddenly, an injection of positivity is released, images of what would make us happy today are visualised, the mind is calmed, anxiousness or apprehension is diminished with rousing, stimulating anticipation taking its place.

In this imaginative and meditative way, a successful day is being formulated and planned in advance. If we can use this practice of approaching difficult times, indeed life itself, with optimistic, cognitive affirmations on the simplest of things, the rewards in return for having that positive attitude are quite remarkable and endless.

Optimism is a trait that should be discussed and learnt if necessary. As mentioned, it has been proven to improve the immune system, prevent chronic disease, help people to handle problems, cope with stress, live longer and leads to self-contentment. There is not a medicine, supplement or pill on the market that can offer a person so much well-being, and if there was, the price would be astronomical.

Optimism – being optimistic – costs nothing. It is free. It is our gift for being human, yet it is so undervalued and under-developed.

One very famous Englishman, who suffered mild depression on what he called “black dog days”, certainly did not underestimate the power of optimism. Winston Churchill, who led our country through the bleakest of times, said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

To conclude with a final thought: If you can allow the bad times to breed optimism, then you shall surely be blessed with its offspring – good times.


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