Passion | Our Lost Emotion That Gives Energy To Your Life (instant effect)

Passion | Our Lost Emotion That Gives Energy To Your Life (instant effect)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

If passion had to be defined in one word, then that word would be ‘energy’. The feeling of passion occurs when more energy is thrust into something or someone than is normally required. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement. Passion materialises when our ambition to bring something to life – to make it real – fuels our mind as much as our heart.

However, contrary to commonly held views, the perception of passion – of one being passionate – is not necessarily instinctive, nor does it have to be an inherent trait of one’s character. Passion can be created by anybody with a mindset that focuses on something, anything at all, and giving it their fullest attention. The power released from targeting thoughts and ideas around one particular thing or person can literally explode into the sensation of impassioned intensity.

Think about things in your life that you have been proud of accomplishing. Without the element of passion, perhaps they would never have been realised.

It is no secret that by resolutely following your passion, obstacles are overcome and a wall of resistance is built to shield you from those who do not agree with your vision. But in a modern society that seems to believe passion can be imparted by tweeting 140 characters or less, the real emotion of demonstrating passion appears lost.

This is where our mindset becomes so vital in finding this lost emotion. We can access passion in an instant by consciously deciding to be passionate.  If we just allow our minds to laser in on something – to energise it – then we have the power to breathe life into anything we choose.

Automatically, we have brought passion to its very existence – whatever that they may be. In a similar vein, we can also remove previously passionate areas from our minds which now appear unexciting and no longer serve us beneficially. We have the power to be wholehearted or nonchalant. It is our choice; after all, it is our mind.

Naturally, great artists, writers and performers are considered passionate people but their art-form starts with the right mindset. They have selected their various missions which need to be completed. So they focus their minds, they energise their concepts, and they give birth to creation.

Yet, it is not the preserve of singers, authors or painters to have passion. Successful career professionals and eloquent business leaders are clearly passionate people but not always about their products or services.  No, they are passionate about making a difference to the lives of others; making the World a little easier for them; and are successful in communicating their passion because of their mindset, not despite it.

All of these examples are no different to anybody else’s life. We can find this mindset of passion anytime we wish on any subject and use it to add colour to our own lives and those of others. To put it this way, eating the food prepared by a passionate home cook is infinitely more pleasurable than dining on a meal prepared by an indifferent professional chef.

To conclude, passion silently lives in our mindset, but with the power to activate it, we can radiate a passionate energy at a moment’s notice. Once we do, it acts as a magnet for others to follow and to be around. Impassioned people have an aura around them – a hypnotic effect – which is impossible to ignore. Quite simply, if we can light up a passion, others will travel for days to see it burn.


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