Pick Up Artist Training Course | Everything You Need To Know (2021)

Pick Up Artist Training Course | Everything You Need To Know (2021)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, I am going to evaluate the ethos of the ‘pick-up artist training course.’ Let us take a moment to consider who you think is more attractive to women?

  • The pick-up artist in bars and nightclubs trying to attract women
  • The real artist who is creatively giving back to the world

If the answer is not obvious to you then you need to read this article. Importantly, save it to your phone and read it every day for the next 90-days. The information in this exposé will save you over 10, 000 hours in your dating life chasing women to be left with next to nothing at the end of your journey.

How do I know this? Because I have seen it play out in life enough times.

If you want to increase your confidence with women, then watch our client reviews from our training and book onto our next dating course. Watch them on YouTube here: Dating confidence course for men reviews

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The truth about pick-up artist training courses

My name is Gary Gunn and over the past decade, I have hosted 500 dating courses in ten major cities in the UK and fifteen different countries in Europe. Educating men on how to create their ideal lifestyle and date the woman of their dreams. I have also written and published a best-selling book titled “An Education in (Online) Dating”.

In this feature, you will:

  • Receive the truth about pick-up artist courses
  • Know how to follow the right path to become attractive to women
  • Learn how to take immediate steps to become more confident as a man

Pick-up artist training courses vs dating coaches

The main difference between being a pick-up artist and being attractive to women lies in the distinction between ‘taking value’ and ‘offering value’ in our lives.

Pick-up artists are concerned with the following:

  • Getting the next girl’s number
  • Going on date after date
  • The next pick-up artist technique refined for their next approach

In a nutshell, pick-up artists chase women. Yet when we chase anything in our lives, we subsequently give the power of the negotiation to the other party as they have what we want.

Chasing mindset

When we have a ‘chasing women’ mindset this is what happens:

Waiting for women 

We end up waiting for women to text us back and experience anxiety when we do not receive a response. Take a moment here to count up the hours given to waiting for women to reply to your messages in your lifetime.

Cancelled on 

We are cancelled on by women. This is because we are trying too hard to organise dates with women who were never attracted to us in the first place.

Rejection from women

We spend too much time learning new ways to get women to become more engaged in conversation. This leads to being frequently rejected which pick-up artists will tell you is ‘all part of the process.’

However, when you finally stop chasing women you will realise this is not true.

In short, when we adopt the mindset of chasing women, we inevitably end up manipulating situations and circumstances to serve our own needs. It is like watching a dog trying to chase its own tail.

Manipulation of women

Here are some of the ways that men try to manipulate situations with women to serve their needs:

  • Lying about their job to sound better
  • Being untruthful about their financial situation and spending too much money on dates
  • Lying about their social standing in the world to appear more socially important
  • Being deceptive or embellishing aspects of their lives

If you currently find yourself manipulating situations by lying to women, it is because you are focussing on the wrong objective. This is unfortunately reinforced by the amount of false and damaging dating advice available online.

In short, it leads to a situation where good men wanting to gain confidence in their dating lives have nowhere to turn to increase their dating confidence.

The law of giving 

However, the encouraging news is that there is a much easier way to learn how to become attractive and confident around women  – and it comes from giving value to the world. This notion of giving more than that which we wish to receive is a potent principle to live by.

Adopting this outlook transforms our thinking in a new direction – one that is more geared towards personal growth and bettering our life. In other words, by making us more attractive from within.

Dating confidence courses for men

On our live training courses, we teach that the way to turn the negotiation in our favour is to have more to offer than that which we wish to receive. This influences us to move from a mindset of chasing towards a philosophy of creating.

What do I mean by a philosophy of creating?

In my experience, there are stages that we go through in our journey to becoming a complete success in our dating life. This ultimately ends with creativity as we:

  • Understand how to dress to suit our own style
  • Grasp how to start a conversation with women
  • Master how to hold attractive eye contact with women
  • Learn how to flirt with women
  • Understand how to connect with women

Once you have learned all of these communication skills you develop a certain level of self-confidence and success with women – which is an important aspect of our coaching at Social Attraction. For anyone who is interested in improving their conversations with women, I include my infographic below as this outlines key principles that will instantly enhance the quality of your conversations. I also encourage you to read my how to speak to women article where I go into more detail.

5 conversational techniques that will make her remember you

Simplifying the dating process

Yet, as with life and ambitions, there is always a level deeper. Once you have stayed at the level where you can engage women in conversation and can organise dates. All of a sudden, you will notice the amount of time you are giving to your dating life. This will motivate you to want to simplify the process.

Importantly, this is where you move on to the creative plane which, in turn, moves you to become a success in dating, mating and life. These are the stages that we take clients through to support them in accessing the next part of their life; in shaping them to be more naturally attractive individuals who women want to spend with.

This creativity can take any form. It could be launching a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel – any outlet that allows you to self-express. Interestingly your mind switches its focus from chasing women to creating assets and resources in life. The more you self-express the more at ease you feel with the world and your place in it. In short, you begin to embody the traits of an attractive man, as depicted by my infographic below. To learn more about this, read my corresponding article dating tips for men.

9 psychological techniques that attractive men use around women

Creativity and personal growth

When we have a creative mindset here is what happens:

  • We no longer wait for women to text us back because we are too busy focussing on our life goals and working on our creative endeavours
  • We never get cancelled on since we only agree to meet women who are mutually interested in going on a date together
  • Our focus is on learning new skills because that makes us a more successful human being
  • We hardly ever get rejected because are contented with our life choices and decisions
  • We only give away our time to people who can add to the quality of our life

Creativity and attracting women

When you adopt the mindset of creating value in your life you become an influencer. Here are a few things that happen:

  • Women become interested in the creative areas of your life and start paying you more attention and asking you more questions
  • Women will come and hit on you because you will be emanating a more powerful and centred energy
  • You already have social standing with the people that matter most – yourself!
  • You never lie or embellish as you do not seek women’s or anyone else’s approval in life

Once women begin to enter into your life, you can then move into the next phase of intimacy – namely demonstrating empathy. As depicted in the image below learning to connect with women is another aspect that we teach at Social Attraction. To find out more about our tuition visit our live training page.

Model with a light behind her and three ways to connect in conversation

Written by Gary Gunn

Gary Gunn is the bestselling author of An Education In (Online) Dating.

He has hosted over 1000 dating confidence courses in the UK and Europe, as well as over 1,500 courses conducted online.

Moreover, he is the head coach at Social Attraction and leads the team, training and courses.
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