Pick Up Artist Training Course | Everything You Need To Know

Pick Up Artist Training Course | Everything You Need To Know

Pick Up Artist Training Course | Everything You Need To Know

Pick Up Artist Training Course | Everything You Need To Know

Pick Up Artist Training Course | Everything You Need To Know

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

Who do you think is more attractive to women – the pick up artist in bars and nightclubs trying to attract women or the real artist who is creatively giving back to the world? If the answer is not obvious to you then you need to read this article, save it to your phone and read it every day for the next 90-days. The information in this exposé will save you over 10, 000 hours in your dating life chasing women to be left with next to nothing at the end of your journey.

How do I know this? Because I have seen it play out in life enough times. My name is Gary Gunn and over the past decade, I have hosted 500 dating courses in ten major cities in the UK and fifteen different countries in Europe – educating men on how to create their ideal lifestyle and date the woman of their dreams. I have also written and published a best-selling book titled “An Education in (Online) Dating”.

In this feature, you will get the truth about pick up artist courses, how to follow the right path to become attractive to women and also learn how to take immediate steps to become more confident as a man.

Pick up artist #1 – they are like serpents trying to seduce Eve with their fraudulent fruits

The main difference between a pick up artist and being attractive to women lies in the distinction between ‘taking value’ and ‘offering value’ in your life; pick up artists are concerned with getting the next girl’s number, getting the next girl’s date and getting the next pick up artist technique refined for their next approach.  In a nutshell, pick up artists chase women.

When we are chasing anything in our lives we give the power of the negotiation to the other party as they have what we want. Mix this in with the amount of false dating advice available online and we find ourselves in a situation where good men wanting to gain confidence in their dating lives have nowhere to turn to increase their dating confidence.

Here is what happens when we have a ‘chasing women’ mindset:

  • We are always waiting for women to text us back – just count up the hours you have given to waiting for women to reply to your messages.
  • We are cancelled on all the time because we are trying too hard to organise dates with women who were never attracted to us in the first place.
  • We spend most of our lives learning new ways to get women to become more engaged in conversation.
  • We get rejected all the time which pick up artists will tell you is ‘all part of the process’ – yet you will realise it is not when you finally stop chasing women.

To be blunt, when you adopt the mindset of chasing women, you inevitably end up manipulating situations and circumstances to serve your own needs.

Pick up artist #2 – It’s like watching a dog trying to chase its own tail

Here are some of the ways that men try to manipulate situations with women to serve their needs:

  • Lying about your job to sound better and impress women.
  • Lying about your financial situation and spending too much money on dates trying to impress women.
  • Lying about your social standing in the world to appear more socially important to try to impress women.
  • Lying about anything to impress women!

If you have or currently find yourself manipulating situations by lying to women it is because you are focussing on the wrong objective. The good news is that there is a much easier way of learning to become attractive and confident around women, and it comes from giving value in the world.

Pick up artist #3 – The Law of giving more than you wish to receive

We teach on our award-winning dating confidence courses (now available via Skype), that the way to turn the negotiation in our favour is to have more to offer than which you wish to receive; when we do this we turn any negotiation in our favour – we move from a mindset of chasing to a philosophy of creating.

What do I mean by a philosophy of creating?

Let’s start with a blank canvas and assume that you are useless in every aspect of dating. In my experience, there are stages that you go through in your journey to becoming a complete success in your dating life – and it ends with creativity as we shall see:

  • We learn how to dress to suit our own style.
  • We learn how to start a conversation with women.
  • We learn how to flirt with women.
  • We learn how to hold attractive eye contact with women.
  • We learn how to connect with women.

Once we have learned all of these communication skills we will develop a certain level of self-confidence and success with women; yet as with life and ambitions, there is always a level deeper.

Pick up artist #4 – Simplifying the dating process

Once we have stayed at this level for some time where we can engage women in conversation and organise dates, all of a sudden we notice the amount of time that we are giving to our dating life and, as a result, will want to simplify the process.

This is where we move on to the creative plane which will ultimately move you to become a success in dating, mating and life. Here are the next stages that we take clients through to support them in accessing the next part of their life.

  • Launch something creative – a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel. You can even try all three and see which one works best for you.
  • Your mind switches its focus from chasing women to creating assets and resources in your life.
  • The more you self-express the more at ease you feel.

Pick up artist #5 – Creativity is the ultimate aphrodisiac

Here is what happens when we have a creating mindset:

  • We are never waiting for women to text us back because we are too busy focussing on our life goals and working on our creative endeavours.
  • We are never cancelled on because we only agree to meet women who are mutually interested in going on a date together.
  • We spend most of our lives learning new skills that make us a more successful human being.
  • We hardly ever get rejected because we are contented with our life choices and decisions and only give away our time to people who can add to the quality of our life.

Pick up artist #6 – Influence is the Holy Grail when meeting women

To be succinct, when you adopt the mindset of creating value in your life you become an influencer and here are a few things that happen:

  • Women become more interested in the creative areas of your life and start paying you more attention and asking you more questions.
  • Women will come and hit on you because you will be emanating a more powerful and centred energy.
  • You already have social standing with the people that matter most – yourself!
  • You never lie as you do not seek women’s or anyone else’s approval in life.

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