Pua Text Game – The New Rules of Texting Women

Pua Text Game – The New Rules of Texting Women

Pua Text Game – The New Rules of Texting Women

Pua Text Game – The New Rules of Texting Women

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Pua Text Game – The New Rules of Texting Women

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There is a certain amount of positive energy which flows when we exchange details with a girl that we like.  On our pick up artist courses we teach that the aim of our text messages should be to continue to get to know each other on a more personal level.

In our experience the best way to do this is to play games that allow us to share more individual information about ourselves in a fun and exciting way.  The more we are able to create a fun and interesting experience, the more likely we are to meet up again in person.

The other major benefit from playing games is that it highlights our playfulness which is a highly alluring quality that women are drawn towards.

Pua Text GamePua Text GamePua Text Game

Pua Text Game #1: The Questions Game

The questions game is one of the best ways to escalate with women and get to know them on a more intimate level.  We tend to play this game when we first meet girls or groups of women in real life scenarios but it also transfers to text dialogue just as well.  It’s probably one of the most fun aspects of our pua training courses.

So the first step is to introduce the idea of playing a fun game, here is a good way of initiating it.

“Let’s play a fun game 🙂 There are only three rules. I ask you a question, you get to ask me one back but it can’t be the same question and we have to answer with our very first thought.”

I would then advise following up immediately with one of the next three questions:

“What is your favourite colour?”

“What is the best book you’ve ever read?”

“What has been your favourite age so far?”

In our experience once the girl has responded to our initial question we usually need to prompt them to ask us the next question in reply.

Pua Text Game #2: Physically Progress

So the first stage of the game is to ask some generic questions to get the ball rolling, the next step is to delve deeper and to ask some more intimate questions like the following three examples:

“How old were you when you had your first kiss?”

“When did you last kiss someone?”

“Where’s the most exciting place you’ve kissed someone?”

Our aim here isn’t to become over sexual but rather to move the questions down to a deeper type of understanding of each other.  Be prepared for women to fire back even more intimate questions in return, and make a mental note of any good questions which we can add to our future repertoire.

Pua Text GamePua Text GamePua Text Game

Pua Text Game #3: Emotionally Progress

We teach on our daygame courses that it’s important to keep the game fresh and to fluctuate between different types of questions.  If we become too sexual we are likely to turn women off.  I’ve found that fractionating with more emotional types of questions tends to keep the balance just right.

Here are three great emotional based questions to ask women:

“If you had to write a book about your life what would you call it?”

“If you could do any job in the world what would it be?”

“What one piece of advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?”

When we can balance these types of questions with more intimate ones we tend to keep the interaction fun, flowing and intriguing.  Questions like these are also useful when meeting women during the day.

Pua Text GamePua Text GamePua Text Game

Pua Text Game #4: FAQ’s About The Questions Game

We teach on our dating coach courses that there are a few scenarios which tend to come up time and again, so it’s worth taking note of how to handle each situation.

Pua Text Game Question #1: What happens if she doesn’t answer the questions directly?

This is actually a great opportunity to lead the interaction by replying with either “Hmm not sure that answers my question.”, or we can reply with “You don’t get your question until you answer mine properly :).”

Pua Text Game Question #2: What happens if she asks us the same question back?

We can either say, “Hmm you’re not allowed to ask the same question.” or if we’re feeling really brave we can reply with “OOO I’ve already asked that question, my turn again ….(then ask her a new question)” .

Pua Text Game Question #3: Do we answer the questions which women ask us directly?

I normally try to avoid answering any of their questions as it’s fun and flirty.  If there is any other way to interpret their question other than what they mean then I’ll answer with a different meaning.

If they raise a concern then I’ll explain that they should have been more specific with their question and I’ll immediately ask the next question.  I tend to find that this type of communication creates sexual tension and is a great way of learning how to attract women over text.

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