Pua Training Birmingham

This course has now been replaced with our award winning three day course.  Click here to find out more.

Our pua training courses originated back in Brighton in the summer of 2006 and then rapidly rose across London and the south east of England in the following years, before finally opening up our flagship Pua Training Birmingham division at the beginning of July 2014.

We have been continually developing and adapting our experiences along the way, ensuring the maximum benefit for you to attend one of our compound coaching weekends. Our training weekends run from a Friday evening through to the early hours of a Sunday morning, and consist of three separate training sessions.

Our aim is to ensure that you are able to take the skills necessary to meet and attract women in your day to day activities through to the rest of your life.

Pua Training Birmingham Friday Night Coaching

You’ll be greeted by our head coach upon arrival, before being shown our latest developments in abolishing any approach anxiety.  We will then move you swiftly on to demonstrating rejection proof ways of approaching real life women in real life scenarios.

In the next few hours you’ll then embark on a rapid journey from bar to bar including live demonstrations from our head trainer, before having the opportunity for your very own interactions with your very own women.  Our head coach will be on hand to ensure your continual support and feedback throughout the evening.

For the final stages of your first session you’ll then be lead to a bustling bar to have longer and more intimate interactions with women that you find yourself drawn to.  All in all, our first session is about giving you referential experiences with women to build upon over the rest of your weekend.

Pua Training Birmingham Saturday Day Coaching

Following on from Friday night we’ll then meet for an eye opening Saturday day session, to get to grips with the realities of how many women there are that we can approach and interact with during our day to day activities.

Our session begins with an hour tutorial on the small differences and little nuances between meeting women during the day and meeting them in an evening environment.  You’ll then be show live demonstrations of how to stop and interact with any woman in any environment at any time.

For the next few hours you’ll have the opportunity to approach and interact with your own women, with your own style, and under our expert guidance and supervision.  This mid session then culminates with an hour’s tutorial on how to take these lessons forward in your life and make them into your reality in your day to day activities.

So whether you are drinking in a coffee shop, going to the gym, or walking past a girl you find yourself drawn to, this segment is about giving you the confidence and the blueprint to make that into your reality.

Pua Training Birmingham Saturday Night Coaching

Following on from the eye opening daytime session, our final segment begins with an hour’s tutorial on the art of mystery, push/pull techniques and seductive frame control.

With the lessons compounding over this last tutorial, we will then rapidly embark on a journey from bar to bar and with your new poise, you’ll feel far more confident approaching and interacting with women that you find yourself attracted to.

For the final stages of our final session you will then be led to a lively club to have longer lasting and more intimate interactions with the women that you choose, and of course we will be on hand for any final demonstrations, guidance, and motivation.

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