Pua Training Cardiff

This course has now been replaced with our award winning three day course.  Click here to find out more.

After successfully hosting our coaching weekends across England; due to popular demand we made the decision to launch our pua training Cardiff division in the summer of 2014 as a way of helping you to develop more success with women.

We offer an action packed 12 hours of real life coaching, in real life scenarios, with real life women, with a maximum of three clients attending per weekend to ensure a total and complete learning experience.

Pua Training Cardiff Friday Night Coaching

We commence our first segment with an hour’s tutorial into the fundamental ways that we can eradicate any fears that we possess over approaching women that we find attractive.  Then we focus our attention on three real-life role plays in how to engage any woman in any conversation.

In the next few hours we will then have the opportunity to approach our own women in our own style with our head trainer on hand to offer any guidance and support.  We then conclude the evening’s proceedings with a masterclass into the psychology of using commanding body language, along with three eye contact techniques that are scientifically proven to build attraction.

Pua Training Cardiff Saturday Day Coaching

We begin our next session with a tutorial into the direct differences between engaging women during the day and engaging them in an evening context.  We will then watch real life demonstrations from our head trainer in how to engage and compliment women that we are attracted to during our normal daily activities.

We will then have the opportunity to engage our own women in our own style, before being shown an expert expose into the specific ways to use assumption stacking to engage women further in conversation.  We close off this segment with an analysis into our style, and three specific ways that we can take these lessons through to the rest of our lives.

Pua Training Cardiff Saturday Night Coaching

We commence our final segment with a complete tutorial into three specific ways that we can use mystery and intrigue to spark curiosity in the opposite sex.  We will then watch an entourage of live demonstrations, before finally having the opportunity to cultivate mystery in own interactions, with our head trainer on hand to offer any guidance and support.

We will then conclude our training weekend with an introduction into seductive frame control to take our interactions to the next level, before entering a bustling club to use our brand new mobile app comprising a series of fun challenges to engage women and ensure a compelling end to our training weekend.

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