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This course has now been replaced with our award-winning three day course.  Click here to find out more.


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After the immediate success of launching our pua training weekends in Glasgow we soon realised that many Scottish men were making the journey west to attend our live coaching courses.  Finally, and after several client requests, we made the decision to launch our pua training Edinburgh division in the autumn of 2014.

Our training weekends have specifically designed for men who wish to achieve better results with women, and as a result consist of 12 hour of real life coaching, in real life scenarios, with real life women.  We also only allow a maximum of three clients per weekend to ensure a high level of individual tuition.

Pua Training Edinburgh Friday Night Coaching

Our weekend of live training kicks off with an experienced expose into why we fear approaching women who we find attractive.  We then complete direct drills that help us overcome every fear we once possessed that held us back from gaining the type of success we truly want.

For the second part of this session we focus our attention on real life rejection proof methods to engage women in conversation.  We then put the spotlight on adjusting our own body language to make us far more commanding, before learning the power of three scientifically proven eye contact techniques to build attraction and heighten arousal.

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Pua Training Edinburgh Saturday Day Coaching

This segment of our training is aimed at altering our perceptions of exactly where and when we can engage women in conversation.  We begin by watching live demonstrations from our head coach in exactly how to stop and interact with any women at any time during our normal daily activities, before then having the opportunity to approach our own women in our own style.

For the second part of this session we focus our attention on learning three specific methods to compliment a woman the right way.  Then we put the spotlight on understanding exactly how we can connect with women on a deeper level, with our head trainer on hand to offer support, guidance and answer any questions.

Pua Text GamePua Text GamePua Text Game

Pua Training Edinburgh Saturday Night Coaching

Our final segment is fixed on learning how to use the art of mystery and the power of push/pull techniques to ignite attraction in women emotional response systems.  We then embark on a journey from bar to bar with many new interactions with many new women.

For the climax of our weekend we then enter a bustling club to enjoy our latest mobile app, which has been specifically designed to entice fun and intimate interactions with women in nightclub environments.

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