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After the immediate success of launching our pua training weekends in Birmingham in the summer of 2014 we quickly found that many Scottish men were making the journey south to attend our live training events.  As a result, we have made the decision to launch our pua training Glasgow division in the autumn of 2014.

Our training weekends consist of 12 hours of real life coaching with real life women in real life scenarios, split into three separate coaching sessions over a weekend.  We also only allow a maximum of three clients to attend per weekend to ensure our high level of success remains achievable under optimal conditions.

Pua Training Glasgow Friday Night Coaching

Our initial session is about gaining new referential experiences with women.  We begin with the fundamental ways in which we can overcome our own individual fears of approaching women that we find attractive.

Once we have eradicated our fears, the rest of the evening’s proceedings is about practicing rejection proof ways to engage any woman in any scenario.  For the climax of the evening we will then look at ways of making our body language more commanding with three scientific methods to build attraction and heighten her arousal.

Pua Text GamePua Text GamePua Text Game

Pua Training Glasgow Saturday Day Coaching

Our Saturday day session is really about demonstrating the many possibilities there are to meet and engage women during our normal daily activities.  In the initial stages of this segment we will be shown how to stop and interact with any woman that we find ourselves attracted to at any time during the day.

We will then focus our attention on conversational techniques that allow us to compliment a woman the right way and to make her feel like she is the only woman in the world that matters in that moment.  So whether we are walking to train at the gym, meeting friends for coffee or shopping solo, this session is about developing the confidence to engage any woman in conversation.

Pua Text GamePua Text GamePua Text Game

Pua Training Glasgow Saturday Night Coaching

The final session of our weekend focuses on cultivating the use of mystery to intrigue women to want to know more about us.  We commence this segment with three direct drills to practice the art of mystery, before then engaging women in real life scenarios.

Following  this, we will then concentrate on learning real life push pull techniques that are aimed at sparking attraction into women’s emotional response system.  For the climax of our weekend we will then enter a bustling nightclub to engage women and play our latest mobile app specifically designed to ensure easy fun interactions with the opposite sex.

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