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This course has now been replaced with our award-winning three day course.  Click here to find out more.


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Our Pua training Liverpool weekends have been directly designed to increase our success with women.  Hosted over a weekend and split into three separate training segments; our aim is for far more interactions, a lot more fun and a new found confidence with women.

All of our training is conducted in real life scenarios with real life women, and we allow a maximum of three clients per weekend to ensure the maximum results.

Pua Training Liverpool Friday Night Coaching

To begin our weekend we focus our attention on overcoming any fears that we possess over approaching women who we find attractive.  So when we see an attractive girl we no longer stand there wondering what to do or what to say; instead we focus our energy on our structure and engage women the right way.

Following on from the first segment, the following part of the evening is based on altering our body language to make us more alluring to women, and then we conclude the evening by looking at three eye contact techniques that are scientifically proven to build attraction and heighten her arousal.

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Pua Training Liverpool Saturday Day Coaching

Our daytime session is our most life changing one with regards to meeting and interacting with women.  We begin with live demonstrations in how to stop and engage any woman at any time during the day.  So no longer do we walk past attractive women and think what could have been as, after this segment, we’ll know exactly how to approach and engage women effectively from the outset.

For the second part of this session we focus our attention on learning specific methods of complimenting women, before then having the opportunity to engage new women with our head trainer on hand to offer any guidance and support.

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Pua Training Liverpool Saturday Night Coaching

For the finale to our training weekend we focus our energies on learning the art of mystery to entice women to want to know more about us, before then learning the power behind push/pull techniques.

We will then embark on a journey from bar to bar engaging new women in a new way with brand new results. Again our head trainer will be on hand throughout the whole evening to answer any questions and offer any support.

For the climax to the weekend we then enter a bustling club to use our latest mobile app which has been specifically designed for fun and intimate interactions with women.

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