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This course has now been replaced with our award-winning three day course.  Click here to find out more.


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After successfully conducting our pua training weekends across the South of England we launched our Pua Training London division back in the summer of 2008.

Our training weekends are specifically designed at helping you abolish any approach anxiety around approaching women that you find attractive.  We then move you swiftly on to using powerful conversational techniques that you can use to meet women during your day to day life.

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Our Pua training London weekends have moved from strength to strength and now run from a Friday night through to the early hours of Sunday morning, with a maximum of three clients attending per weekend.

Pua Training London Friday Night Coaching

Our training commences on a Friday night where you’ll be greeted by our head trainer, and upon arrival you’ll be shown a rejection proof way of approaching women that you’ll be able to perfect during the rest of the weekend.  The aim of this first hour of coaching is to give you the fundamental blueprint of how to initiate a conversation with any woman at any time.

You will then be taken rapidly to a range of different bars to put what you have learned into practice in real life scenarios.  Our head coach will be on hand to offer any demonstrations and feedback on your own individual technique, ensuring your maximum benefit throughout the evening.

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To bring the first session to a close you will then be taken to a bustling bar to have a few longer interactions with women.  This first session is really aimed at helping you gain some real life experiences with women that you can take through to the following day, and significantly forward to the rest of your life.

Pua Training London Saturday Day Coaching

Our Saturday daytime session is aimed at giving you the fundamentals needed to start an interaction with any woman at any time during the day.  So whether you are in a coffee shop, meeting friends for drinks, or walking past a girl you find yourself attracted to, this segment is about giving you the confidence and the structure to make that your reality.

We begin with an hour’s tutorial on the differences between meeting women in the busy environments of bars and clubs to the more relaxed opportunities that you’ll find during your day to day life.

In the following few hours you will embark on having a multitude of interactions with women who you never thought possible, where our coach will be on hand to offer demonstrations and feedback on your body language and tonality.

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The final hour is then spent in a relaxed environment to review your interactions, and to help you gain an insight in how to take these skills forward in your own life.  This journey will prove to be the biggest eye opener for you in seeing just how many opportunities there really are to meet women during your normal daily activities.

Pua Training London Saturday Night Coaching

For your final session of the weekend we begin by giving you an hour’s tutorial in the power of push/pull techniques, the art of mystery, and an introduction into seductive frame control.

You will then go on a journey from bar to bar where you will be able to turn all of your weekend’s lessons into your reality.  Our head coach will be on hand to compound your learning from the weekend, ensuring you are comfortable putting into practice all of your weekends lessons.

To bring the weekend to a close you will then be taken to a bustling nightclub to relax and have some fun. Trust me, you would have earned it!!  As part of your training, you will be able to use our special mobile app which is full of some great challenges and games to play with women in a nightclub, all in all a great climax to your training weekend.

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