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Pua Training – Seven Secrets Exposed
Pua Training – Seven Secrets Exposed

Pua Training – Seven Secrets Exposed

Written by the Social Attraction Team

There are undoubtedly some extremely powerful principles that we can use immediately to become more attractive to women.  Over the years I’ve come to recognise that the first impression we make is undeniably our most important.

The more confident and self assured we can make our initial impact the more opportunities we’ll create to learn how to start a conversation with a girl we like.

So here are my seven most significant ways that we can use right away to become more alluring to women.

Pua Training Secret #1: Understanding Attraction

At the very core of becoming more attractive to girls we must first understand why women are drawn to specific attributes in men.  My quest to understand female psychology has taken me many years to uncover Charles Darwin’s Sexual Selection Theory.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

As we can see in the footage above women are biologically drawn to certain attributes in men including the arts, creativity and leadership.  On our dating coach courses we teach that conveying leadership is the quickest and easiest way to become more attractive to women.

However over time our aim must be to cultivate creative aspects of our personality.  The more creative we are as a man the more likely we are to encounter women on our journey of self expression.

Pua TrainingPua TrainingPua Training

Pua Training Secret #2: Handling Rejection

How we handle rejection is an area which is normally overlooked when we are learning how to attract women.  In my experience when we are actively dating we are always going to encounter a certain amount of rejection, and facing it head on creates a wealth of positive circumstances.

How To Handle Rejection With Women

As we can see in the footage above, rejection is simply a feeling and with a few specific strategies we are able to alleviate the sensation and calm our minds.  The quicker we can relax the more emotionally stable we become when meeting new women.

Over the years I’ve come to recognise that there is a direct correlation between how well we bounce back from rejection, and how successful we ultimately become with women.  There is no value to be taken from ruminating on rejection and a wealth of success to be gained from mastering our emotions.

Pua Training Secret #3: Complimenting Women

Many of us are too insecure and concerned with how we are coming across that we tend to engage in boring and mundane conversations.  If we are able to relax for a mere moment we are then able to see a wealth of ways that we can use to learn how to compliment a girl to start a new conversation.

How To Compliment A Girl

As we can view in the video above, we often create zero emotional stimulation when we are in dialogue with women.  In truth the quicker we can give girls an emotional reaction, the faster they’ll become invested in our interaction.

Complimenting women also serves as a great way to approach girls during the day.  On our daygame courses time and again a direct sincere compliment creates an instant positive emotional response.

Pua TrainingPua TrainingPua Training

Pua Training Secret #4: Attracting Women

  In my experience attractive men are normally found around attractive women.  By being fun and playful in conversation right from the outset, we are really just highlighting the fact that we are comfortable around desirable women.

How To Attract Women

Many of us are so pleased to be in a conversation with an attractive lady that we tend to not try anything audacious as it may rock our proverbial boat.  In reality this is the prime time to flirt in conversation as it highlights a multitude of desirable attributes, including inner confidence.

In any interaction we are all drawn towards emotive conversations and topics, so the more we are able to practice and feel relaxed in these scenarios then more intriguing we become as a man.

Pua Training Secret #5: Flirting With Women

The secret to learning how to get a girl to like you lies in creating the perfect blend of emotional responses.  When we fluctuate between compliments and challenges we are able to generate a unique experience which draws women further into our world.

How To Attract Girls

As we can see in the footage above there are a few different ways that we can immediately shift from an upward to a downward emotional spike.  The quicker we can move between these emotions the more intoxicating we become to women.

I always have the notion of creating an impactful first impression in the back of my mind when meeting women.  Over the years I’ve found just by having this kind of outlook allows me to relax enough to start having more fun.

Pua TrainingPua TrainingPua Training

Pua Training Secret #6: The Conversational Flow

Once we are engaged in a conversation with women it’s important to let the exchange flow in a natural way.  The more laid-back we are, the more confident and self assured we come across when learning how to talk to girls.

How To Be Attractive To Women

As we can see in the footage above it can be extremely easy to fall into the trap of being stereotyped.  In my experience if we able to be vague in conversation then we allow the dialogue to remain open and flowing.

Another side effect of being vague in conversation is that we also come across as more mysterious.  In my experience being an enigma around girls is a positive trait as they usually want to know more about us.

Pua Training Secret #7: Attracting Women On The Dance Floor

One question which I am asked all the time is how do we meet girls in loud environments, because approach anxiety is usually an issue.  Luckily there are a few simple ways which we can employ immediately to start having more interactions.

 How To Kiss A Girl

As we can see in the footage above, by taking up space and focusing our eye contact on our friends we are immediately sub communicating some highly alluring traits.  We aren’t hitting on women, instead we are simply enjoying the moment which draws women into our group.

 Once we are dancing and interacting with women it’s simple and easy to move to another area of the club or to the bar to continue to get to know each other on a conversational level.

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