How To Save Money Dating | A Step-By-Step Guide (top 5 ways)

How To Save Money Dating | A Step-By-Step Guide (top 5 ways)

How To Save Money Dating | A Step-By-Step Guide (top 5 ways)

How To Save Money Dating | A Step-By-Step Guide (top 5 ways)

How To Save Money Dating | A Step-By-Step Guide (top 5 ways)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this episode, I’m going to show you how to save money dating, in fact, a total of £43,200 in your life. Yes, that’s right, £43,200. And the best thing about what I’m about to teach you is that if you implement the strategies, not only will you save money, but your dating results will increase exponentially. So let’s get into this. Let’s assume that you are single and that you’re going out two nights a week and you’re going to bars and going to places where you can meet women.

Now the average drink cost between say £5 to £15. So we can average that out at £10 a drink. Most guys, most of the time, we’d probably buy roughly three drinks for women throughout an evening. So if we average that out to three drinks two nights a week, you’re looking at investing £60 just in buying drinks on nights out to speak to women.

Now, if you multiply that by four to look at the monthly cost, you’re looking at spending £240 a month buying girls drinks, and if you look at that over a year, you’re into the £2,880 a year mark. If you’re single for roughly a 10 year period, spending between £20 and £40 an evening out, then over that time you’re going to spend £28,800 buying drinks for women. I’ll come back to this point later.

How To Save Money Dating Women #1 – Date at certain times of the day

So, the next area where you can save money dating is by going out for dinner. Now, let’s say for argument’s sake that you take a girl out for dinner two nights a month. In reality, if you’re actively dating, most guys do it way more than that. So the average male is spending £60. You do that twice a month and your cost is £120. Over a year this adds up to £1,440, and if you look at that over a 10 year period, it’s £14,400 spent in taking women out for dinner.

Now if we add those two numbers together, we get to £43,200. That is a vast amount of money. And to be honest about it, if you’re going to save £43,200 by implementing what I’m about to teach you, I want to point out that my dating confidence course starts at £499. So let’s put that into perspective, you’re investing £499. You’ve already saved £43,200 just by listening to this episode. And yes, I’m talking to you as you listen to this. So book a free consultation to speak to me and I will exponentially increase your dating results.

Now let’s get back to this episode. I’ve already illuminated the fact that most guys are going to spend over £ 40,000 over the next 10 years just on dating. So how do we save money dating women? Well, I’ve got a few lessons here that I apply to my training courses and I advise that everyone implements in their dating life.

How To Save Money Dating Women #2 – Avoid buying drinks

If you think about it, most guys are so happy to be in an interaction with an attractive girl that they’re more than happy investing money, which is what you’re doing. You’re investing money to allow that girl to spend more time with you, and if you think about that logically, in effect, you’re paying the value of a drink in exchange for a girl to spend more time with you. I will go as far as to say that if a girl likes you and she’s invested in you anyway, whether you buy her a drink or not is going to make no difference whatsoever.

In fact, by buying girls drinks quickly when you first meet them, you’re being very submissive. You’re saying, Oh, here’s my money. Here’s what I can do for you to spend more time with me, which is a highly unattractive trait. You hear a lot of information online about guys being protectors and guys being providers, and for women, yes, that is an important aspect of being a confident and attractive man. At the same point, when he first meets a girl, the confident and attractive man does not become submissive instantaneously.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in your dating interactions once you get to know a  woman, but when you first meet someone in a bar situation on a night out, most guys, most of the time are too quick to get a drink or get a round in. And in my experience, all this does is highlight insecurity and the fact that you are not used to being around attractive women. So if you simply do not buy women drinks on nights out then over the next 10 years, you will save more than £28,000 and your dating interactions will be better.

How To Save Money Dating Women #3 – Learn to be mysterious

That awkward moment when you or the girl has finished her drink and you feel compelled to buy her a drink at that moment, that is the moment where you do not cave. You don’t suddenly go, Oh, she’s run out of her drink. I need to get her another one. Remember she’s on a night out; she’s earning her own money; she’s in a situation when she can pay for her own drinks.

If you fall into the trap of rushing to buy drink after drink what you’ll find is that girls will spend more time with you, but at the end of it, they will not be attracted to you because you’re the type of guy who just spends money to try and get people to like him, which is highly unattractive.

Also by not buying women drinks, you will find out how good you really are interacting with women and in my experience, it will illuminate the communication skills that you can have such as being mysterious, being engaging, and just generally having good conversation ammunition. In truth, you don’t find out about yourself until you stop buying women drinks because then it’s on even ground. The girl is invested in speaking to you because of who you are, whereas, if you’re the guy buying all the drinks, you’re making it very easy for girls to spend time with you and to invest more time into seeing you pointlessly.

How To Save Money Dating Women #4 – Avoid going for dinner

This is a huge investment not only financially, but also with your time and girl’s time. Also bear in mind that a lot of people don’t feel comfortable sitting down and eating in front of someone else, so if you’re the type of guy that’s actively trying to get a woman to go out for dinner with you, you may find that you’ll get a lot of flakes, as many girls will not want to commit to a dinner date.

So if you can avoid that scenario, you’ll make it easier for women to say yes to come on a date with you. And second of all, when you’re going out for dinner, that investment of £60 could easily be used elsewhere. One way of doing this is to actively date outside of the main eating times so you can meet someone to say, I’ll meet you after lunch, or I’ll meet you before dinner, or let’s meet after dinner.

There is no law written in stone that you have to take a girl out for dinner. And what you’ll find is that, as opposed to sitting down over a meal and eating opposite each other, if you go on more engaging dates, where you’re doing things together, what you’ll find is that this will relax your dating interactions 10 fold. You’ll find yourself being more dynamic, having more fun and importantly saving more money – if you are taking women out for a date every two weeks, over 10 years, that’s going to cost you over £14,000.

How To Save Money Dating Women #5 – Learn to mini-date instead

And crucially, your dating results will not go up off the back of this spending.  It’s a really important point to remember. You don’t want to actively be that guy that just spends loads of money unnecessarily, especially when it’s detrimental to your dating results.

So if you are going to go on a date, you can meet people in the afternoon, after dinner, or before dinner. You can look at more engaging dates in London. There are so many things to do for free, to save money dating, such as the art galleries and walking tours, and these things do not cost you anything. They’re more participatory. They’re more fun. You’re doing something together, which builds trust, comfort, and connection. So next time you’re in the bar and you’re speaking to a girl you’ve just met and you’re just about to say, can I get you a drink?

Remember this podcast episode. Remember, that it’s not only going to cost you the value of that drink, but it’s also going to cost you £28,800 over the next 10 years. And I can guarantee you it will make no difference at all to your ability to date the girl that you’re about to buy a drink for.

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