Scarcity – Are You Making This Unforgivable Dating Mistake?

Scarcity – Are You Making This Unforgivable Dating Mistake?

Scarcity – Are You Making This Unforgivable Dating Mistake?

Scarcity – Are You Making This Unforgivable Dating Mistake?

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Scarcity – Are You Making This Unforgivable Dating Mistake?

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

When we are learning how to get a girl to like you it’s normal and natural that we want to stay and converse with her for as long as possible.

In fact, I’ve seen this time and again when an interaction is going well and then all of a sudden the girl’s interest in us fades and she walks away, and out of our life for good.

It is in this very moment where “our time” with women can either heighten her attraction for us, or kill our chances once and for all.

Scarcity #1: Our Value As A Man

One major dating mistake I consistently see is that when we are first learning how to talk to girls is that we tend to forget everything that is going on around us.

So if we are with friends on a night out we ignore them, if we are on our way to meet family for a coffee we will be late.  In doing so, what we are really conveying is that our life isn’t really that compelling and interesting.

In contrast, when we end the interaction early, as we have other plans, it serves to illuminate our value as a man and convey a wealth of attractive qualities.


Scarcity #2: Leadership

According to Charles Darwin’s sexual selection theory, leadership is an essential quality to display as it’s something that women find universally attractive.

When we end an interaction first, we are leading the conversation and taking control of the situation which is highly alluring to women.  It’s a solid strategy to focus on when we are learning how to start a conversation with a girl.

Where most of us go wrong is that we tend to stay in the conversation for as long as possible, with the only real outcome being that the girl will eventually take the lead and end the conversation first.


Scarcity #3: Mystery Is Attractive

When we are in the midst of having a great interaction and just getting to know each other, this is the ideal time to end the interaction.  If we are feeling confident then we can also learn how to compliment a girl moments before we leave the conversation.

At this point we have built up some anticipation and mystery about ourselves, which in my experience women will be compelled to find out more about us at a future date.

In a nutshell, leaving the interaction before it comes to a natural conclusion is a great way to come across as more attractive and leave her keen to find out more.


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