Employing Lucifer’s Devilish Charms To Seduce Women (Podcast Transcript)

Employing Lucifer’s Devilish Charms To Seduce Women (Podcast Transcript)

Employing Lucifer’s Devilish Charms To Seduce Women (Podcast Transcript)

Employing Lucifer’s Devilish Charms To Seduce Women (Podcast Transcript)

Employing Lucifer’s Devilish Charms To Seduce Women (Podcast Transcript)

Written by Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

Okay. Welcome back to today’s episode where we’re going to be looking at a TV character called Lucifer Morningstar. I’d also like to give a shout out to a listener called Adam Armstrong, who kindly made a comment on my YouTube channel and asked me to cover this individual.

So for anyone else listening, if there’s a specific TV character or film character that you’d like me to cover then just go to my YouTube channel and make a comment in one of the comment sections, and I’ll do my best to do a podcast episode on your hero or villain of choice.

So in this episode, I’m going to be going through three of his most attractive attributes that we can all learn from to become more attractive to women. So those three are, firstly, that he asks women emotive questions and these really allow him to connect with them instantly. Secondly, is the fact that he always tells the truth to women and also to himself. And finally is the fact that he owns a nightclub, which is really an amazing way to have access to the type of women he finds attractive, but also a really creative and exciting lifestyle.

So let’s begin with the first thing, which is the fact that he asks women emotive questions.

So what do I mean by this? Well, typically most guys tend to ask women really boring questions such as where’d you come from? What do you do for a living? And all of these questions are typically really boring to answer. What an emotive question is, an emotive question allows women to access their emotions in reply to your question.

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This is also going to allow them to self-express at the same time, to lower their boundaries and that way connect better with you. And the question that Lucifer Morningstar always asks is how does that make you feel? And if you ask any girls that at any time during dialogue, what you will notice is that they’ll typically look away because they have to access their emotions to be able to answer that question.

So what I’d like to do now is just give you three takeaway emotive questions that you can use at any point to start connecting better with women. And these questions are firstly number one, how does that make you feel? Number two, how does that affect your mood? And number three, how does that change your thoughts?

If you ask women any of these questions, typically, as I say, they’ll look away and you can start to build an emotional connection.

I thought I’d push this a little bit further. And if you listen to any of my previous podcasts, you know that I talk about the power of making statements as opposed to asking questions.

So what I did is I took these three questions and I made them into powerful statements instead. And these are statements that you can say to women at any point. And again, they have a very powerful reaction from women and they really start to connect with you. So how does that make you feel? Turns into, I imagine that makes you feel happy, sad. You can add the emotion in there. Typically just have a guess. How does that affect your mood? Turns into, I assume that affects your mood in a positive light. And how does that change your thoughts? Can go into, I deduce that that changes your thoughts in a lighthearted way. Or you can add what you want at the end.

The best way of making these statements is to just take a guess about how that would make someone feel or how would it affect their mood or thoughts. And when you start communicating like this, what you’ll notice is that women’s boundaries will drop and they’ll be way more engaged in conversation and they’ll allow you to just have a much better dialogue.

Now onto the second thing that Lucifer Morningstar does ridiculously well is the fact that he always tells the truth, and actually, in the TV series, it’s really funny, it’s spontaneous and it’s also unexpected.

He literally says the first thing that comes to his mind and there are many different benefits to doing this. First of all, he’s not exhausting himself trying to lie or trying to bend the truth to make himself out to be a specific way, which is something that I find a lot of guys do when they’re single. And especially when they’re talking to women who they deem as really attractive. They feel like they’re not good enough and that we have to bend the truth and not be truthful. But actually most guys do that and there’s real power in telling the truth.

The other byproduct of that is that if you just say what you think all the time, you’re not going to be holding onto anger, resentment, all these things that we hold on to because we’re not willing to speak our mind. When we do that we self express more, which also allows us to become more relaxed as an individual. So by telling the truth, you are literally allowing yourself to express yourself more.

You can come across as more confident and more attractive. And also it’s going to be less exhausting because you’re not trying to convey things about yourself that aren’t true or you’re trying to live up to false expectations that you’ve placed on yourself.

And finally onto the last thing, which is the fact that he owns a nightclub.

And this is, I think, often overlooked when we look at dating and trying to meet the woman we try to attract into our lives. But typically most men, in my experience, chase women. So they’ll chase in any given environment. They’ll see an attractive girl, if they have the confidence they’ll approach her, try and talk to her. What do I say next? How do I do this? How do I organise a date? It’s always these how-to questions.

Whereas actually, if you look at what Lucifer Morningstar’s done with his life, he owns a nightclub. And what that nightclub allows him to do is, first of all, have access to the type of women he finds attractive. Second of all, it’s the correct environment to meet women because it’s a social environment. And finally, obviously, he’s the boss of the nightclub.

So you add all these together. He’s the boss, which means he’s got the most status there. He’s got girls that are going there to party and have fun, which are the typically the girls that he likes. And third of all, he doesn’t have to chase because he’s got status in his existing environment.

If you contrast that to the other end of the spectrum, which is someone that has a really boring lifestyle and nothing really exciting going on, that is always consistently chasing women.

When do I text her? How do I do this? How do I do that? You can see that the longer-term strategy always has to be to try and create a lifestyle where women are drawn into your world. And this is something that I talk about in-depth on my live training courses. So I’m just going to give you a few cast-iron examples of some of the things that we do.

So a lot of my clients are self-employed and work takes up a lot of their time. Some of them enjoy what they do, some of them don’t. But most of them have an area of their life that they really love and really enjoy, yet they’re not expressing themselves. So what we decided to do was to get them all to create a piece of content that they can use either for YouTube, a podcast, written content, photography, but something that you truly care about.

So as you listen to this episode, if you think, you can imagine, what do I truly care about in my life? What’s the one thing that I loved as a kid or I love as an adult? And then what you can do is you can actually go ahead and just create a piece of content. Obviously you’re listening to this podcast at the moment but I think it’s important that you also … you’re not just a listener, but you’re actually a content creator at the same point.

So I’ll say that again in a different way. You don’t want to be someone that’s consistently reading books, watching videos, listening to audios. You also want to be creating your own status in your own world.

And the best way of doing that is to decide what do I love? And then just start, go ahead now, and just create your first piece of content. Don’t worry about trying to make it overly good because it’s more important that you’re just expressing yourself and getting something online and then over a period of time that will build and grow.

And following on from this, once you’ve done that and you’ve actually got … I’ll give you a cast-iron example of someone on my course. He’s a great dancer. So we got him to film himself dancing and we’re now putting those videos on YouTube. The next step is for him to have business cards made, not linking to Facebook, not linking to Instagram, but actually linking to his YouTube channel. This way when he meets women, as opposed to chasing them, taking their number and texting them, if he does … has a nice conversation and she likes him at the start, he can then give her his business card, which allows her to come back to him.

And if you think about how many hundreds of thousands of hours that’s going to save, not just in your life, but if you imagine all the guys you know, where they’ve been texting women waiting for them to reply and they don’t get back to them, a much more powerful paradigm is to say, “Look, I’ve enjoyed speaking to you. Here’s my card. You can look up more about me.” And obviously you’re channelling, you’re controlling your environment to sending them to the bit about your life that you truly love, your creative expression. If you like me, then obviously you can text me from there.

So what this allows you to do is to really start creating a lifestyle which is independent of anyone else.

Anyone now listening to this can create any content they want at any time and then start expressing yourself. And when you meet women, you can then pass on them to your area of self-expression.

So just to round up this episode, the three things that we’ve covered are, first of all, emotive questions and how we can turn them into statements. I’ll just give you them again now. The statements are, I imagine that that makes you feel … and then add something. I assume that affects your mood in a positive light. Or, I deduce that that changes your thoughts in a new way.

The second thing we covered is the fact that Lucifer Morningstar always tells the truth, which is fun, spontaneous, and also as a byproduct allows him to be relaxed and not harbour any kind of negative emotions. And the final thing we did is we began to take a look at Lucifer Morningstar’s life and what he’s done to develop it so that women are drawn into his world, rather than doing what most people do, which is to just go out there and chase women for their whole lives. So I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode and I will catch you tomorrow.


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