Seduction Techniques | How To Get Women To Think About You Non-Stop

Seduction Techniques | How To Get Women To Think About You Non-Stop

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, I am going to go through the best seduction techniques and show you how to get a woman to think about you nonstop when you are no longer in her presence.

In doing so, you will learn how to build attraction with a woman in different scenarios from texting to organising a date.

Above all, these five ways will help you to learn more about modern dating strategies that I teach on my dating confidence courses for men.

Seduction Techniques #1 – Attraction vs Seduction

The first way to get a woman to think about you is by understanding the difference between attracting and seducing women.

Attraction is when you are physically with someone. You can be on a night out with a girl that you like. You can be talking to each other, and she can be attracted to you at that moment.

Furthermore, you can exchange details.

Then when you text her the following day, you don’t hear back from her.

The reason for her lack of response is because you didn’t seduce her.

Here lies the difference between attraction and seduction.

A seduction is when the girl thinks about you after you have left the interaction.

If you are looking at getting a girl to think about you nonstop when you are not there, the aim is to seduce her and not to simply attract her.

As per the image below we can teach you modern seduction techniques. 

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Modern looking at camera next to three seduction techniques

Seduction Techniques #2 – Seductive Moments

The second part of this equation in getting women to think about you more is understanding the term ‘seductive moment’.

A while back, I hosted a course called The Art of Seduction, which you can watch on YouTube by clicking this link:

The Art Of Seduction With Women | Gary Gunn | Full Length HD.

Here I go into detail on exactly what seduction is and what seductive moments are.

In essence, a seductive moment is when the barriers in a woman’s mind melt away.

That is a seductive moment.

If you give a girl a series of seductive moments, it will lead to a seduction.

This is exactly what you want to happen if you want a girl to be thinking about you when you are not physically with her.

It is a very, very powerful skill.

A timeline guide to seducing women

Seduction Techniques #3 – Intermittent Texting

The third way in which you can get a woman to think about you nonstop is by utilising a strategy called intermittent texting.

In essence, intermittent texting is when you have set hours during the day when you can reply to women’s messages.

Let’s just say, for example, you have two windows between 12:00 to 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. During these two hours, you can message as much as you want.

You can even send 50 messages if you are going back and forth in dialogue. But as soon as the hour ends, you do not text at all and you don’t tell a girl what you are doing.

Radio silence until your next window.

This is powerful for different reasons:

  • It allows you to get your life in order where you are not on your phone all day long
  • You have set windows, therefore, it saves you time
  • It creates a spontaneous moment where the girl will be thinking about you outside of your zones

Because for someone who had been readily available, you have now gone off the radar.

This is an irresistible seduction technique if you are looking at seducing a woman because it gets her to think about you while you are not there. She will be wondering about what you are doing during this absence.

Check out my infographic below for a snapshot of the best texting strategies to flirt with women, which can help you here.

If you want to read the whole article here is a link – How To Text Women | Top Strategies (that every man needs to know).

Top eleven ways to seduce women over text message

Seduction Techniques #4 – Turn Questions Into Statements

Now on to how to get a woman to think about you number four.

This relates to when you are messaging women in text messages or online dating. And this is to use statements instead of questions.

If we take a moment here to reflect on what a question actually is.

A question is a request for information.

If you ask: “Where are you from?”

You want to know something from that person; they have to give you something.

In contrast, a statement is value that you put out to the world.

As an example, rather than asking someone where they are from, instead if you take a guess: “I bet you’re from Russia.”

You are adding value to the interaction.

On my dating confidence courses, this is one of the main things that I teach.

Question-asking should be changed into statement-making as often as you can.

I would go as far as to say the only time you should consider asking questions is if your mind goes completely blank. Or you are asking a question to create an emotional connection, which would be a question like:

How does that make you feel?” (in fact, that is a very good question to ask because is emotionally based).

Using statements injects fun into your texting.

Ultimately if you want to know how a girl’s day has been, rather than messaging:

How was your day? (which we can view as a boring message that she has probably read a thousand times).

Instead, you could make it a statement: “Let me guess, you had a lie-in, you’re hungover and you’ve been eating junk food all day.

So remember statements:

  • Lead the conversation
  • Add value to the exchange
  • Generate a fun response from a girl

Therefore, making statements makes you far more seductive.

As per the image below we can teach you how to use these principles with non-responsive women.

To find out more about our training then you can visit the following link – Skype dating confidence courses for men.

Non-responsive model next to three ways to engage her in conversation

Seduction Techniques #5 – Set A Deadline For The Date

The final way in how to get a woman to think about you nonstop will save you so much time. I cannot even begin to tell you.

It is also so seductive in its very nature that only someone who is very confident would go about organising dates in this way.

Say, for example, you wanted to see a girl on a Wednesday evening. You would send her a message that says something like:

I’m busy on Tuesday and Thursday, but I’m free Wednesday evening around 7:00.”

That is the first part of the message.

So you genuinely say, “I’m busy on these two days and I’m free here.” That puts a bit more value on your time.

Surely, if you are an attractive guy leading an attractive lifestyle, you would be busy most of the time anyway, wouldn’t you?

Here is the kicker – you then want to add in: 

“Let me know by midday tomorrow as if not, I’ll make other plans.

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when they are trying to be more seductive is they leave things too open for someone to get back to them.

It is the worst thing you can do.

So you say: “I’m busy Tuesday and Thursday, but I’m free Wednesday at 7:00. Let me know by midday tomorrow as if not, I’ll make other plans.”

Bear in mind this is a completely reasonable thing to text someone because your time is valuable.

And by midday, tomorrow is easily enough time for someone to get back to you.

If you don’t put a deadline in that message you are:

  • Being submissive
  • Waiting and putting off other plans
  • Giving the girl all the power in the interaction

And that is the antithesis of being seductive.

You want to have a limited time designated for you to spend together.

These are not merely strategies aimed to get women to think about you nonstop –  which is the title of the article.

In truth, they are also strategies that genuinely make you more confident as a man.

What I have articulated here is the type of behaviour that an attractive man employs because they have a busy and attractive lifestyle.

Accordingly, you are getting to look through the lens to see how that lifestyle looks.

You are then extracting the best tools to implement these changes in your own life.

If you want more information on how attractive men engage and flirt with women I have created the following infographic for you.

To understand more on how each of these 9 psychological tools will make you more attractive, take a look at my article here – Dating Tips For Men | Nine Psychological Tools (that attractive men use)

Nine psychological seduction techniques

Seduction Techniques Summary

  • #1 – Understanding that attraction is in the moment and seduction is when a girl thinks about you when you’re not there.
  • #2 – Give her seductive moments. These are when her barriers melt away and you get to spend more time together.
  • #3 – Use intermittent texting to keep it mysterious. Where you text women during set hours during your day, and you do not text them at all outside of that window. Very powerful.
  • #4 – Message in statements and not ask questions. Any question that you’ve written out, think about how can you rephrase it as a statement. This will make a massive difference to how often women reply to you and want to see you again.
  • #5 – When organising a date, you offer: “I’m busy on these two dates, I’m free at this time, but let me know by midday tomorrow, as if not I will make other plans.” This is a very seductive behaviour that only someone who is confident would do.

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