Signs A Woman Is Into You

Signs A Woman Is Into You

Signs A Woman Is Into You

Signs A Woman Is Into You

Signs A Woman Is Into You

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

So what are the most obvious signs a woman is into you? Because most of the time when most of us are talking to attractive women, we can often feel anxious.

And what I’d like to do, in this episode, is to show you three cast-iron signals that women typically give you to show that they’re interested in continuing a conversation and getting to know you.

The first one is when a girl plays with her hair. Now, typically, if girls are playing with their hair, it is because they’re having more adrenaline in their system because their body’s energised and they’re investing more into the conversation with you.

That is a really good signal that a girl is attracted to you.

Often when you’re walking down the street, if you’re dressed well and you look good, you can see as girls first glance at you, if they immediately play with their hair, that is also a sign that they are into you.

Now, the second sign a woman is into you is with her body language. So, typically speaking, if you look at the way a girl’s legs are crossed, if they’re crossed away from you, she’s putting up a barrier from speaking to you.

And what you’ll find during the conversation is that if she suddenly changes her legs that they cross towards you, that is a clear sign or girl or a woman is into you at that moment.

So, make sure that you’re paying attention to the way that her legs are crossed when you’re sat down because that will give you the confidence to continue a conversation.

And also, if she crosses her legs away from you, you can backwards rationalise what you were talking about, or what you are doing, that may have put her off, so that is a key sign into understanding whether a woman is into you or not.

Now, the third sign a woman is into is very simple, if she is still there in conversation. Now, over the years, many of my clients have said, “Oh, I didn’t know that she was into me. I didn’t know that she liked me.”

The thing is women will excuse themselves from a conversation if they’re not into you, so the mere fact that you’re talking to a girl, and she’s still there, and she’s still talking to you is a clear indicator and clear sign that she is into you at that moment, and she is happy to continue a conversation.

I’d just like to throw in one bonus sign that a girl is into you.

And this is when you’re standing up if a girl’s feet are crossed over towards you, that is a sign that she’s into you because she can’t quickly move away, or walk away. Contrasting that, if a girl’s legs are pointing away from you, that is a sign that she can walk away very, very quickly.

And what we found over the years is that, if a girl is standing with our legs towards you crossed and she’s playing with her hair, they are two really good signs that a girl is into you at that moment.

Now, what I hope I have done in this episode is to give you some cast iron ways of knowing when girls are into you because what this will do is increase your confidence, and allow you to relax more when you’re in dialogue with women.

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