Signs She Wants You Sexually | The Ultimate Men’s Guide (Updated 2021)

Signs She Wants You Sexually | The Ultimate Men’s Guide (Updated 2021)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, I will be divulging the five signs she wants you sexually. Having an awareness of when a woman finds you attractive gives huge value in the incipient stages of any relationship.

You will learn:

  • To recognise when a woman is attracted to you (go-ahead signals)
  • Effective ways to approach a girl (and attract her)
  • How to convey attractive qualities to gain her interest (fast)

Knowing how to distinguish the difference between a woman friend-zoning you – when she sees you as simply someone fun to spend time with – and when she finds you sexually attractive will help you prosper in your dating interactions.

This is why in the summary of this article I have included the contrasting body language signs of when a girl does not find someone sexually attractive.

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How do you know if a woman is attracted to you sexually?

One immediate way of working out whether a woman is attracted to you sexually is to observe whether she plays with her hair when she first sees you.

That is a cast-iron sign that a girl likes you sexually.

Biological response

Now we all have that one friend who grabs our arm or nudges us and gets very excited when there is an attractive woman nearby. Well, this response represents an energy that is biologically wired into us to help us put our best foot forward.

It brings us into the moment so that we can attractively harness our energy.

Like men, women also have a similar biological response which is to experience a surge of energy in their bodies.


To help release that energy surge a woman often plays with her hair.

This may be when she first sees you and has an instant attraction. Or, instead, she may play with her hair as you start to convey nice things about yourself in conversation and she gets to know you more. This could be that you are creative, athletic, or that you have a good job for example.

Knowing this means that you can now begin to look out for signs of hair-playing from a woman during an interaction.

How to engage her interest

Indeed, when you convey attractive qualities in conversation with women this offers another opportunity for sexual attraction to grow.

Now, hair-playing is a good signal, but it is not a cluster of signals; meaning a group of signs indicating strong interest in you. Keep reading as I will cover this later in the article.

To learn more about how to engage women and build sexual attraction in conversation, look at my infographic below. I suggest also reading my how to talk to women article where I outline how to use each principle.

4 expert ways to talk to women

What is an obvious sign of female attraction?

One obvious sign of female attraction is when a woman maintains prolonged eye contact with you.

Eye contact is an action that we perform every day and likewise experience from others that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. However, making eye contact with someone that we are attracted to is a nuanced undertaking that can have different interpretations and meanings.

Prolonged eye contact

When not speaking it is very easy to look at a girl directly in her eyes as she is the one leading the conversation at that moment. Yet one impactful thing you can do here is to look into her eyes when you are the one speaking. It is far more powerful.

In fact, it demonstrates confidence and self-assurance.

If you find yourself in a situation where a girl is playing with her hair and she is holding deep and prolonged eye contact with you: these are indications that she is attracted to you sexually.

Cast-iron signs

Indeed, hair playing and deep eye contact together are a body-language cluster. They are cast-iron signs that there is sexual attraction.

If you would like to learn some of the other signals a woman gives when she is flirting with you, then take a look at my infographic below.

You can also read my signs she’s flirting with you article which covers body language signs of flirting as well as signals she gives in conversation with you.

Fifteen signs she wants you sexually and is flirting

What are signs of attraction?

One common sign of attraction is when a woman stands with one leg crossed over the other facing us in conversation.

I have worked as a dating coach for a number of years in many different countries in Europe. In the early Social Attraction days, I filmed many of the interactions of clients during this period. I would also edit all of our video footage.

Therefore, I got to watch back all of the dating interactions and it is fascinating to see the moment when a woman becomes sexually attracted to someone.

Crossing her legs towards us

So why does a woman stand with one leg crossed over the other when she is sexually attracted to us? She is showing that she does not want to walk away quickly and is content to remain there in conversation with us.

If we take a moment to imagine the opposing body language – this would be her legs and body facing away from us. That is indicative of someone who wants to escape and walk away quickly if required.

For this reason, when a woman stands in front of us with one leg crossed over the other, we can interpret this as another key indicator that she finds us attractive.

Cluster of attraction signals

If we compound all three of these signs:

  • Hair playing
  • Deep eye contact
  • Standing with one leg crossed over the other in conversation

These represent three primary body language signs that a woman wants you sexually. You can then look out for these signs in any of your interactions with women and feel confident in knowing when it is appropriate to progress a relationship.

By the way, if you struggle in starting a conversation with women then the comprehensive infographic I have created below can help. You can also read my how to approach women article to learn more on this.

9 different techniques to approach women

What are the clear signs a woman wants to sleep with you?

One clear sign to know when a woman wants you sexually is when she touches you in a drawn-out way.

Here it is important to remember that there is a big difference between touching someone as a friend and touching someone sexually. When we touch someone sexually it is drawn-out; there is a longer period of contact than necessary.

 A drawn-out touch

It is the prolonged pause of her touch that is a sign that a woman wants you sexually. For example, she may touch your elbow and as she touches you, she gets closer to you.

That touching – if it is extended – is another sign that you are sexually attractive to her. She is closing the space between you and her, via the use of touch.

That is a key indicator that she finds you sexually alluring.

Traits women find attractive

My infographic below outlines the main traits that women initially look for in a man. Knowing what these are and how to demonstrate them will enhance your attractiveness around women.

I suggest you also read my first ten things a woman notices about a man article as I outline how to best convey each of these ten traits.

Ten things a woman considers before she wants you sexually

What are the physical signs a woman is interested in you?

One obvious physical sign that a woman is interested in you is when she stands closer to you than normal. Or perhaps she moves closer to you as a conversation progresses.

She moves closer

When a woman moves closer to you during the conversation she is showing that she is engaged in speaking to you. Remember to take note of the context and consider the other signals she may be giving that show she wants you sexually.

These include:

  • Hair-playing
  • Fidgeting
  • Touching you
  • Prolonged eye contact

One effective way of testing this is when you are talking to a girl. Move back slightly or say: “Oh, let’s stand over there.”

If she moves closer to you than where she was before this is a key indicator that she likes you sexually.

Learn to act on her signs of attraction

As outlined in the image below, we can teach you how to approach women once they give you a clear go-ahead signal. To find out more about our coaching, including sessions via Skype, then you can visit our Social Attraction Training Courses page.

Model looking at camera with three ways to approach attractive women


  • She plays with her hair. In contrast, if she does not play with her hair and seems too comfortable and relaxed there is no attraction there.
  • Prolonged and deep eye contact. If you are speaking to a girl and she does the exact opposite. For example, she is on her phone and looking around or she is not paying attention. This is a key indicator that she does not like you sexually.
  • She crosses her legs directly towards you. If she points her feet away from you this indicates that she does indeed want to walk away.
  • She touches you in a drawn-out way. In contrast, if a girl is standoffish and does not touch you then there is no sexual interest there.
  • She stands closer to you than normal. If you speak to a girl and she moves further away she is uninterested in you sexually.

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