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Style Guide – Three Guiding Principles To Help Us Attract Women
Style Guide – Three Guiding Principles To Help Us Attract Women

Style Guide – Three Guiding Principles To Help Us Attract Women

Written by the Social Attraction Team

I sometimes look back at old photos and think to myself “What on earth was I wearing?” I used to wear badly fitting clothes with no character or style, so it’s no wonder that I struggled to learn how to attract women.

When I made the decision to revamp my appearance, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the dating success I was having, quite simply, I looked and felt a million times better.

The good news is that we don’t need to employ a personal stylist or spend thousands of pounds to create our own unique look; in fact, we can do it by following these three guiding principles.

Style Guide #1: Be Observant

It sounds obvious, but the easiest way to improve our appearance is by observing other people and seeing what looks good on them.

On our daygame courses we explain that this could be on a night out, while walking around the shops or from famous people on TV and in magazines.  The key is to find men who have a similar height and body shape so we already know that their style will easily replicate on us.

As a starting point, Pinterest is a great social media tool to help us discover designs and styles which work for our body type.

Style GuideStyle GuideStyle Guide

Style Guide #2: Get It Tailored

I can’t emphasise enough what a massive difference it makes having clothes adjusted with effect to how they look and, more importantly, how they make us feel.

We teach on our pick up artist courses that we can transform a baggy blazer into a fitted masterpiece that would usually cost hundreds of pounds to get made from scratch, or we can revitalise a pair of cheap jeans to look like a designer label for only a small fee.

The end result is that by wearing clothes which have been specifically fitted to our own body, not only do we have an enhanced look, but it also serves to illuminate our own self image.

Style GuideStyle GuideStyle Guide

Style Guide #3: Attention To Detail

It could be the sophistication of our silk pocket square, the intrigue created by our meaningful lapel pin (a Social Attraction one if you’ve completed our 12 week course) or the flash of colour from the feather in our hat.

We teach on our dating coach courses that it’s the significant items we wear to accentuate our personality that really help us to stand out from the crowd.

I’m constantly amazed at the amount of times that women approach and engage with me to ask me about one of my items; needless to say…I never leave home without them!

Style GuideStyle GuideStyle Guide
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